Smart TEFL

TEFL England launch their new service named Smart TEFL.

London, United Kingdom, September 03, 2012 --( Recent figures show that there has been an immense increase in smartphone usage across all key markets year on year, particularly in the UK. Every second person in Britain owns a smartphone, with usage being more prevalant amongst younger generations, and almost every tablet user using their device to access the internet.[1]

TEFL England are the first TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) provider to offer courses that can be completed entirely from your tablet, smartphone or other web-enabled device. There are no fees or extra charges, all that is needed is a device with internet capabilities. The company has named this service "Smart TEFL." A representative from TEFL England stated:
“We are very excited that we can now offer this service. We wanted to evolve our offering to those enrolled on our courses. Mobile TEFL allows for students to have access to their TEFL course anywhere and anytime, without the restriction of having to find a computer or laptop.”

Education and online learning is evolving. Teaching English as a foreign language is a viable employment, work experience and travel option for English speakers. Anyone can do it, as long as they speak English.

Joshua Goldblatt of Baker Street International, when speaking of the demand in Spain, stated that:

“Despite the economic downturn, or perhaps because of it, many Spaniards are looking to travel or work abroad and so realise the urgency of learning English.”

The demand for English speakers to move abroad and work or volunteer in schools, academies, universities and businesses in countries worldwide is extremely high – many see the English language as key in their international development. This presents a huge opportunity for those looking to travel, earn money and gain valuable work experience, and for those who are thinking of career breaks, gap years or an entire career change, TEFL is perfect, and Smart TEFL will allow for efficient completion of your course, meaning you could be working in your dream location much sooner than you think.

[1] April 2012. Think Insights with Google. Key Market Report: Trends in digital device and internet usage. TNS Enumeration Study 2012.
TEFL England
Alana MacPherson
For release on the 3rd September 2012.