Texas Outdoor Insurance Expert Tells Deer Hunters to Get Hunting Insurance Before Hunting Season Begins

Frank Hursh with Texas Outdoors Insurance says Deer hunting accidents can be expensive without adequate hunting insurance.

Katy, TX, September 02, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Texas outdoor insurance specialist today called on Deer hunters to ensure they have adequate Deer hunting accident insurance before going hunting this season.

Frank Hursh, owner of Katy, TX based Texas Outdoor Insurance (http://texasoutdoorinsurance.com) said that deer hunters embarking on hunting expeditions without adequate liability coverage could be taking unnecessary risk.

“Hunting insurance in Texas is not very expensive but it can save hunters huge sums should they become involved in hunting accidents,” Hursh said in his office in Katy, Texas earlier today.

“Deer hunting is huge in Texas and other southern states and as every Deer hunter knows, accidents can happen when least expected. So not making sure you are covered for hunting accidents is just not smart,” he added.

The Texas insurance executive said farm, ranch and other hunting venue owners should also protect themselves and businesses against liabilities as a result of hunting accidents.

“Most hunting club, farm and ranch owners have accident insurance but there are still those who believe they do not need it. The truth is that accidents can happen any time. If accidents happen on their properties, they could find themselves facing huge liabilities,” Hursh said.

He said that hunting liability insurance not only gives hunters and property owners peace of mind, it also allows them to recover quickly in cases of hunting accidents.

“The good thing about having adequate hunting insurance coverage is that they have peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, they can quickly recover their losses including financial losses and property damages,” Hursh said.

Frank Hursh and his team at Texas Outdoor Insurance have decades of experience helping hunters in Houston, Katy, Fulshear, Brookshire and nearby cities obtain adequate individual hunting insurance, hunting lease insurance, duck hunting insurance and hunting outfitters insurance policies.

“Our team shops various insurance companies and this allows our customers to obtain the best insurance policies at the lowest price. Hunters just need to call us at (281) 398-1010, toll-free (877) 952-1010 or through our website at http://www.texasoutdoorinsurance.com,” Hursh said.
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