Pre-IPOGroup Platinum is Now Accepting Accredited Investor and Institutional Membership

Pre-IPO Group Platinum provides its strictly accredited members ultra exclusive, unique, alternative investment opportunities not available to the general, investing public. Their unique asset class investments are designed to yield exceptional, above average returns which easily beat benchmark returns.

Dallas, TX, September 02, 2012 --( "Our mission is to provide the most exclusive and unique pre-IPO and alternative investment opportunities in order to go above and beyond our member's expectations and needs for unique and rare investments that bring extraordinary returns," says Co-Founder Reggie Sanchez. "Our management feels that, even in these trying economic times, there is still and definitely a niche and need for a unique, exclusive investment opportunity for investors who want and expect what we offer," Sanchez also states, "A short
qualifying check is required to ensure suitability."

Please go to for more details and to fill out an accredited investor questionnaire. This private membership is for qualified, accredited investors and institutions only.
Pre-IPO Group
Scott Sanchez