Gives Their Readers What They Want

Fullerton, CA, July 02, 2007 --( Since the launch of in early 2007, Editors, RL Policar and Moe Ramirez have prided themselves on providing their readers what they want. Working closely with various bicycle and accessory companies, the two have been able to produce thorough product reviews, articles, news and how to’s.

Just this week Policar published a new online poll on asking its readers what they want to see more on the site. There are several choices that range from reviews, articles, and how to’s and even two options that allow voters to choose if they want to see more or less of Policar dancing without a shirt on the site.

Policar has been known to give their readers exactly what they want by having no shame in showing off, in what he calls his “goods” on the site. When asked why he would post himself dancing without a shirt, Policar stated, “It started off because we were getting search strings on our servers for ‘fat kid dancing’ and ‘sexy bike.’ So I figured, what a great way to mix the two together and have something to laugh about. Besides, if you’ve seen the pictures, yes there’s more than one topless photo of me, you’ll see that I’m not skinny at all. There are such things as chubby bicyclist.”

The current poll on MtnBikeRiders, the number one spot is occupied by people voting for “How To’s (tech stuff) at 35% and the number 2 position is taken by “More of RL dancing without a shirt” at 24%.

With the poll still open, and seeing that people want more How To’s, the staff have responded by publishing several new tutorials in the past few days. Some of these tutorials included “How to cut a steerer tube, How to install a star nut, How to work on an old bottom bracket, How to make a derailleur alignment tool” and many others.

However, if the polls end up having more votes for RL to dance without his shirt, then expect to see more of him shaking his booty.

About is part of the Bicycle Bloggers Network of Bicycling sites. RL Policar and Moe Ramirez started the site in January 2007 in order to provide recreational mountain bikers a resource for product reviews, articles, news and how to’s.

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