Wall Slicks Launches New Website

Modern Wall Graphics LLC, home of Wall Slicks brand laser-cut adhesive vinyl wall decals stickers, has launched a long-awaited new website at WallSlicks.com.

Riverside, CA, September 04, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The Wall Slicks wall decal product has always stood out in the Home Decor market for its great product, designer styles, removability, and custom ordering options.

But due to an inadequate website, it was limited in its reach to potential customers, by its inability to highlight and feature the products great qualities.

Now with the new website, it has so many features and more products than ever before, catering to a customer’s designer decal needs. Some of these new and improved website features include:

• 45 color views per product with detail zoom,
• Custom Decal Design Ordering System
• more color customization per product, and
• new “Order by the Sheet” options
• more user friendly site, with more articles, tips, and user account features
• Customer Reviews per product
• New Rewards Discount Program
• offering accessory products section of tools to complement a customers decal order for greater application needs
• Gift Card ordering options
• and more

Some of the specific needs that Wall Slicks/Modern Wall Graphics answered for customers with this new website are:

• the ability to order pattern decals, such as Dots, Checkers, and Damask pattern wall decals, by the sheet. This enables each customer to customize their order to their specific quantity needs to tailor it to their room size specifications. This allows customers to save money while still getting a custom designer product

• The ability to view each wall decal style in all of the available colors. This is now possible with just a click of the color swatch.

It was really important for Wall Slicks/Modern Wall Graphics to listen to its customers, and give them the tools they needed to order with confident.

No wall decal manufacturer provides more options for ordering at a reasonable price, than Wall Slicks / Modern Wall Graphics, and now new-comers to the website WallSlicks.com can see those options easily and quickly, and with style.
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