"Foul Shot" to be Released on DVD at imoovie

Imoovie.com has announced that it will be the distributor of “Foul Shot,” a highly controversial film based on one of the best basketball players the world has never known.

New York, NY, July 01, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Imoovie has announced that it will be the distributor of “Foul Shot”, a highly controversial film based on one of the best basketball players the world has never known. This is the true story about a kid who came from a supportive family and was a high school basketball star with a 50 inch vertical leap that had the skills and athletic ability to become a pro, but, as he got older, he began to realize that basketball was very political and being talented had nothing to do with it. The story of a young basketball player's struggle to achieve his dreams against all odds and against all the dishonest coaches who tried to derail his efforts.

“Foul Shot” is by Danilo Mancinelli, a California filmmaker. Imoovie was curious as to why Danilo wanted to make a film about the struggle of a basketball player, which quite honestly can be anyone’s struggle. Here is what he told imoovie in an exclusive interview.

When asked what influenced him to become a filmmaker, here is what he had to say:

"The only aspiration I had at an early age up until I was about 22 was to be a professional basketball player. The only reason that did not happen was because of the politics and the crooked coaches I happen to encounter. It had nothing to do with talent, but favoritism, and who’s other player sister or girlfriend the coach was sleeping with. Coincidentally, this title “Foul Shot” is based on a true story on those experiences. The movie is based on my experiences and Mack Storm, a good friend of mine who encountered the same issues I did. I decided to pursue acting at around 23 years old, I booked some decent jobs here and there for about 3 years, and then I met Mack, after talking about our experiences about basketball, we decided to write a script and make this movie. I decided to produce it and direct it as well as be the lead actor. This film has enjoyed success and has made good sales as an independent film, but we want to take it further so millions of people can see this movie. With this film, it brought on other jobs for me as an actor and producer as I have about three feature films since Foul Shot where I was the lead actor and in some, a producer. Those titles are Blood Sucking Babes from Burbank, which will also be on Imoovie.com, PSOLA: Private Security Officer - Los Angeles, and Curse of the Pink Panties"

Do you have any comments for inspiring derived from your own experience?
"Yes, don't listen to what anyone says to you, most people, if not all, will tell you can't do something because they could never fathom doing it. If they can't do it, then you can't do it. Nothing feels better than to make people eat their words. Success is the greatest revenge. When someone says you can't do this, or it is too difficult, use it as spark in your engine to motivate you and to refuse to give up until it is completed. Someone told me, he said this after watching Foul Shot, man; you accomplished more making this movie than most people do their whole lives. Making films is one of the hardest, most challenging things you could ever do. Especially when you don't have a lot of money to do it. My advice to aspiring filmmakers, you can accomplish anything, you have to make the word "can't" not exist in your vocabulary."

The film works on so many levels. Mainly, on the theme of growing up and working through the ups and downs. Having made a film that can relate to nearly the entire world population, how did you go about constructing it?
"Well, basically doing my own soul searching, the film “Foul Shot” in particular, can relate to lots and lots of people. Favoritism, politics, dishonesty, etc... Can relate to almost anyone. This was a long process, lots of ups and downs, but you have to see the end in sight. When you have that established in your mind, doesn't matter how many obstacles you will encounter, you will not stop until it is done."

The film also looked very well made. I’m sure there was a small budget compared to big Hollywood release. What kind of technical equipment was used and how much did you fool around with lighting and camera angles?
"Yes, this was a very small budget compared to the big Hollywood films. I had a great crew working for me. The cinematographers did a great job, and overall it was a total team effort. I spent countless hours working with my editors making this film look like it was shot with million and millions of dollars."

Free for all
"My last comments for Foul Shot are that the term "White Men Can't Jump" does not apply to Foul Shot. One of the best dunkers you will ever see is in this film. At 6-0 feet tall, a vertical of 50 inches, you will see a white boy that can jump out of the gym. Along with the athletic ability, you will witness one of the best jump shooters you will ever see."

Mike Brown