Maria Romo- Rocking the Opera World with Tesori

Opera soprano Maria Romo and husband Olle Romo, producer and engineer for Lady Gaga, Nickelback and The Corrs, have released Tesori, a debut record of ancient arias for modern audiences. The brand-new recording approach is designed for today's listening environments. Rescued from obscurity, these opera gems continue to shine with a brilliance untarnished by time.

Houston, TX, September 05, 2012 --( American opera soprano Maria Romo is married to Olle Romo, the Swedish rock collaborator with Lady Gaga, Nickelback and The Corrs, and together they have created Tesori, a debut record of ancient arias for modern audiences. The Romos have lived in Switzerland for some years, where Olle works with multi-platinum selling producer Mutt Lange (Shania Twain, AC/DC, Maroon 5, Bryan Adams), but Maria has never forgotten her training as a classical singer.

In 2011 Maria and Olle decided to add another dimension to their family life and fully commit to Maria’s other passion – Baroque music. Olle, a world-class producer and engineer, recorded Maria’s beautiful tones in their own studio. The result is Tesori, a collection of ancient masterpieces, marking Maria's triumphal statement of devotion to her art. Rediscovered and now recorded, these gems continue to shine with a brilliance untarnished by time.

Rock and pop artists have responded to the music industry’s ever-changing landscape with the rise of countless independent labels and home studio productions. Though the opera world has been slow to follow suit, here is one determined singer who breaks the barriers to share her music with the world.

Maria Romo has taken a brand-new approach to recording. Tesori is designed for today’s listening environments, rather than trying to replicate a live theatrical performance of the 18th century. “That is not how today's audiences listen to records. We play music in the kitchen, in the car, on our iPads… Why shouldn't we?" If it means hiring a period orchestra and a renowned conductor, strict adherence to authenticism could spell the demise of recorded opera. Who can afford it? Tesori uses a blend of live musicians and programmed instruments, emphasizing tasteful and skillful arrangements, and resulting in beautiful and classical recordings made independently. "Today's classical recording artists face a new reality, which means we need to be creative and work hard. This is absolutely commonplace among rock and pop artists. Why can't it work for classical artists as well?"

Maria’s thoroughly modern approach also extends to the dissemination of her message. She has a stylish website (, crammed with information and visuals, and a promotional video, and edits a Blog, Operascope, dedicated to the world of opera. Her website also includes a Q&A page for opera professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts.

The vocals for Tesori, along with several musicians, were recorded in Switzerland, while the orchestral accompaniments were arranged and recorded in New York by Maria's long time friend and classical composer Max Surla. Tracks flew electronically across the Atlantic for a year, a labor of love for Surla and the Romos.

Maria has sung in musicals, operas, recitals and concerts on stages across the US and Europe. Her training includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a Gold Medal in Classical Singing from the National Music Conservatory of France in Antibes.

Tesori is released on Spokes Records, owned by John Hughes, manager of The Corrs, one of the world’s most successful all time pop acts.

The fourteen–track album, available on Amazon and iTunes, includes ‘Lasciatemi morire,’ the only surviving remnant of Claudio Monteverdi’s 1608 Arianna, and recognized as opera’s first hit, and Francesco Cavalli’s 1649 ‘Delizie Contente’ from Giasone, the most popular opera of the 17th century. The enduring appeal of these melodies spans centuries, linking us to our ancestors, and to the ancient masters themselves.

Real people, substantial music, classy recording, hauntingly beautiful soprano. Tesori is a perfect addition to any music lover's collection.
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