Capital Group One High Cap Tech Fund Marks Record Gains with Apple Win

Capital Group One has announced record gains for its High Cap Tech Fund with the announcement of Apple Inc.’s courtroom win over Samsung Electronics Co.

London, United Kingdom, September 06, 2012 --( The fund, which had Apple shares leveraged in anticipation of the win, is the company’s best performing fund year to date. Analysis done earlier in the year on Apple’s legal argument prompted the fund manager to position the fund to take full advantage of the court decision.

Capital Group One has long been known to have one of the best research and analysis departments in the industry. Evidence of this can be seen in the consistently excellent performance of the company’s funds.

“The outstanding gains of the High Cap Tech Fund this year have proven that the market can be bested with legwork and experience,” said company Chief Operation Officer Jerrod Smythe in a breakfast meeting with industry executives and press last week.

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