London Gold and Commodities Exchange Announces New Managed Forex Service and Access to Licensed Trading Advisors

London Gold and Commodities Exchange is now offering its clients direct access to licensed Commodity Trading Advisors along with its new Managed Forex Futures Trading Service.

London, United Kingdom, September 06, 2012 --( London Gold and Commodities Exchange’ Managed Forex Futures Service is in accordance with its trading expansion services and professionally designed for managed forex futures account holders essentially handled by commodity trading advisors. The firm’s new trading service is recommended for trading investors who are exploring superior market diversification into the diverse currency divisions without spending too much time to aggressively supervise their investments on a round-the-clock basis.

For most risk-tolerant investors, there are various grounds why managed forex futures can be an excellent alternative investment scheme. Managed Forex Futures trading is an alternative investment program that can offer an extraordinary opportunity to lessen the general trading risks and portfolio volatility for simple reason that they can separately vary regardless of any markets conditions. Any active managed forex futures account can also offer the possibility of achieving superior overall portfolio returns than that of simple stock and bond portfolios.

Furthermore, those resourcefully managed forex futures accounts have the capacity to gain more benefits in any economic conditions because of its effortlessness to go short or to go long in any of the numerous currency markets that are being traded. Managed Forex Futures Trading also provides traders and investors the power to invest in all premier global foreign exchange marketplaces.

At London Gold and Commodities Exchange, there are some unique managed forex futures services to choose from. Most of forex investors concentrate on the major currency while others prefer on the entire accessible worldwide. This gives forex investors to customize their funds into their alternative trading portfolios that exclusively bump into their needs to have a specific currency investment or asset class as portion of their total investments. To learn more about the fundamentals of foreign exchange trading, visit the firm’s website and see more information on foreign currency investing.

Foreign exchange investors must consider managed forex futures trading as provisional investment and must only make up 20 percent or less of the total portfolio assets. Trading managed forex futures is comparable to managed stock mutual funds however the excessive instability can be too much for some investors to deal with. In contrary to stock mutual funds, forex futures funds most often necessitate a minimum capital investment of $50,000 or more to start trading.
Kevin Alden