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Former TradeSkills4U trainee, Wayne Lewis, contacted the company last week to reveal how his life has been transformed since he trained with them last June. He now owns his own company, employees several installers and has business coming out of his ears.

Crawley, United Kingdom, September 06, 2012 --( In the sunny months of June last year, Wayne Lewis made a life changing decision. He was going to pack in his well-paid job in retail and begin a series of courses which would allow him to qualify as a domestic electrician. Why? “Because I’ve always wanted to be an electrician,” he recalls and he’s never looked back.

Mr Lewis, now 30, describes his next steps; “Once I realised that I was going to pursue this career, I consulted my family on the decision and gained their full support. Even though I had very little experience in the field, I decided that an electrician is what I wanted to be. So I did some research to find the best place to achieve my goal and found TradeSkills4U to be that place.”

Wayne completed his training at Crawley-based electrical training centre, TradeSkills4U despite living over 150 miles away. “Although I am based in Birmingham I took the risk of commuting to Crawley and received the best tutelage, which completely exceeded all expectation. The tutors were amazing and even though I trained over a year ago now, I can still remember their names. All my instructors were not only informative, but delivered their courses to the highest standard. As a totally inexperienced electrician, I gained the priceless knowledge that I needed to pursue my new career. I feel indebted to them for their time and patience and the opportunities that now lay before me.”

Wayne completed the companies specialist new entrant course called the Domestic Installer Bronze course which packages up the vital City & Guilds courses a new entrant needs in order to begin practising electrics in domestic settings. Courses like the Part P and 17th Edition Wiring Regulations are included so that installers can gain excellent competence when training for their future.

Wayne, now a fully qualified electrician lives and works in his hometown near Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham and runs a success business called FusedRight.

“A year on, I not only have public liability insurance, I have employer’s liability too. I have a team of staff who like me are completely overworked with the sheer amount of jobs that are out there. We all work at least 6 days a week and I am continually turning down work because I just cannot squeeze the time in. I sometimes wish there were eight days in a week. I thoroughly enjoy the work I'm doing and love the opportunity to offer both customer service and knowledge of the regulations I now know. The journey has been a challenge, but the end result is priceless. Thanks ever so much to TradeSkills4U for fulfilling my dream of not only being an electrician, but a good one who practises the regulations on every job.”

Change in any form can be scary, but if you want to a make a difference, you have to be different. If you are considering a career as an electrician and would like some advice about the steps to take, call TradeSkills4U on 01293 529777 and like Wayne, you too could be fulfilling your dream.

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