Tasker Payment Gateways Offers Affordable Payment Gateway Solutions to the Weight Loss Products and Services Industry

Merchants in the weight loss industry no longer have to be intimidated by high rolling reserves for merchant and payment gateway accounts. Tasker Payment Gateways can and should be their provider of choice for offering affordable payment gateway solutions.

South Portland, ME, September 06, 2012 --(PR.com)-- It can be a tough world out there for small to large-sized businesses that fall into an industry that is considered "unqualified" to accept credit cards for payment. Oftentimes, companies that are aspiring to get into ecommerce for their weight loss products and services find they are subjected to unreasonable rates and high reserves because they are perceived to be more "risky" than more common ecommerce organizations. In some cases they won't even be considered for merchant accounts by some credit card processors. Due to some recent positive industry bank changes, Tasker Payment Gateways can now extend viable, affordable payment gateway solutions to weight loss ecommerce merchants wishing to accept credit payments online, or through a call center environment.

Tasker Payment Gateways understands what small to large businesses have had to endure with the restrictive policies that prevent aspiring merchants from handling credit card processing. These businesses are definitely qualified, but they are often subjected to an insurmountable cost in terms of time and money due to the usually required paperwork while their application is reviewed. Not only that, the applicants often need a blemish-free credit history and high cash reserves.

So in general it is safe to say that high risk merchants are charged higher processing rates than non-risk merchants. Unlike non-risk merchants where rates are more commoditized, high risk merchant processing rates are set according to the individual business and the inherent risk of the potential for a higher number of chargebacks. Tasker Payment Gateways understands what small to large businesses have had to endure with these restrictive policies on weight loss businesses. Through their merchant account partners, and their gateway partners such as Network Merchants Inc. (NMI), Tasker Payment Gateways has options they can offer that include recurring billing and the ability to manage multiple accounts through one gateway. These features make NMI the “go to” payment gateway for DR/ direct response merchants, catalog merchants, telemarketing companies, and complex multi-site ecommerce merchants.

Located in Portland, Maine, Tasker Payment Gateways is a US owned and operated company. The Company has small and large companies local to Portland, Maine, as well as many hundreds of businesses across the US. Their specialty is in helping online businesses, phone sales/inbound and outbound telemarketers, high ticket ecommerce merchants, and high risk direct response (DR) companies.

According to Matthew Tasker, "A weight loss merchant should not have to stress over setting up safe and user-friendly ecommerce platforms that encourage customers to return time and again to do their shopping. Tasker Payment Gateways has the expertise to set up, configure and maintain online payment gateway and credit card processing solutions that are customized according to individual business terms. Dealing with online payment processing and payment gateways is our specialty; that is what we do."
Tasker Payment Gateways
Matt Tasker