Vampires Don't Sparkle

A 21st Century Fairy Tale Pays Homage to Classic Monster Stories: Get the New Book by Jessica Lave

Denver, CO, September 06, 2012 --( Whoever decided that vampires could wander around in broad daylight and not catch fire and turn to dust must have decided not to adhere to the original mythology and legend created by master storytellers like Bram Stoker. A 21st Century Fairy Tale (previously titled Descendant), the second published work by Jessica Lavé, is written in the tradition of Count Dracula and the literary monsters that followed him, with a modern twist.

While writing A 21st Century Fairy Tale, the author drew upon Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Joss Whedon’s television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to inspire and inform the story’s structure: “What was most important to me was to keep true to the basic ideas I had about how this fantasy world worked, and to create my own characters within such a world,” Lavé says. “But I also wanted to bring it into the modern age; just because my characters are fighting a monster thousands of years in the making does not mean they have to fight on his terms. Technology and modern communication play a major role in strategizing against their adversary.”

The story begins with an unusual man, stuck in the past, who arrives in a small town far from home. Too busy plotting the demise of this small, seemingly insignificant town, he does not even notice when a few of the townspeople begin to catch on and plot his demise.

A good old-fashioned good versus evil battle ensues as the town’s residents must find the strength and resourcefulness that they never knew they had, nor needed before, to come out ahead of the evil that has fallen upon them. They must put all the resources they have to their advantage, using technology, the internet, and a force more powerful than any other—their compassion for one another—as they fight to win back their town.

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About the Author: Jessica Lavé is a Colorado native and long-time writer. In addition to creative writing and fiction, she has written articles for, maintains several personal and professional blogs, and has done everything from copywriting to email marketing to SEO writing throughout her career. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys movies, reading crime and horror novels, yoga, skiing, fishing, and listening to rock music. A 21st Century Fairy Tale is her second published work, published independently through CreateSpace.
Jessica Lave