Bridgestone Global Partners Announces Business Trading Presence in Canada

Bridgestone Global Partners, one of the most globally recognized commodity futures and brokerage firms that offer trading services to all types of assets class including foreign exchange products, has finally announced business expansion in the marketplace of Canada.

London, United Kingdom, September 07, 2012 --( Prior to the announcement, Bridgestone Global Partners has hired a team of veteran brokers to lead the entire operation of the firm in Canada. The team of well-respected brokers was headed by Mr. Lyndon Byrd, who will serve as the Managing Director of the firm’s branch office in Canada.

According to the Chief Operating Officer of Bridgestone Global Partners, Mr. Mike Morrison, the additional workforce assigned in Canadian marketplace plays part in the success of the firm’s top-quality office model. “Bridgestone Global Partners’ trading experience and expertise in providing the demands of our clients, particularly through our portfolio diversification and other alternative investment programs and various commodity and financial futures products both available via electronic and traditional trading service is at the center of our expansion in Canada,” Mr. Morrison said.

“We appointed Mr. Lyndon Byrd as the general supervisor of our business presence in Canada while we are still eyeing for more talents to help him in the entire operation, along with those few chosen brokers who will also help Mr. Byrd in the commencement of our trading operation. We believe in the skills and expertise of Lyndon Byrd since he has been with us for nearly a decade,” added Mike Morrison.

“Lyndon Byrd has demonstrated a career-long dedication to helping our clients appreciate trading strategies and systems available to veteran investors eager to draw off into asset classes that Bridgestone Global Partners has been specializing in. These include marketplaces for foreign exchange such as currency pairs and futures and spot currencies, along with metals, energies and other commodity products. These products and services can be traded effectively utilizing our proprietary electronic trading platform accessing directly to the world’s most liquid markets,” Mr. Morrison explained.

For years, Bridgestone Global Partners has been known for providing attention to investor education with exceptionally unique alternative investment programs to help its client base in retain investments. These programs have also sponsored many live trading events such as the Commodity Trading Advisors’ Challenge, which for years, has recognized few and potentially able new CTAs who can offer strong, consistent, risk-adjusted profits, diversifications of investments and alternative investments capacities which are previously offered only to institutional investors.
David Jones