Norfolk Broads Have Introduced Wildlife Explorer Norfolk on an Elegant 46 Inch Screen

Find out about the Norfolk Broads by using the Wildlife Explorer Norfolk touchscreen that was recently installed at the Herbert Woods boat yard.

Potter Heigham, United Kingdom, September 07, 2012 --( Now, visitors going to Potter Heigham will be able to experience the beautiful wildlife that is present on the Broads. The Broads Wildlife Explorer Norfolk gives people an introduction to the Broads on an elegant, 46 inch touchscreen. The huge touchscreen has been installed at the reception of Herbert Wood's boatyard. This is a small boatyard located in Potter Heigham and by viewing the touchscreen, you can see over 20 crystal clear film clips. These clips consist of amazing photographs and facts about the wildlife. The touchscreen can literally take you on a journey to the waterland and all that it has to offer.

Amanda Walker is the marketing manager at Herbert Woods. She reported that after the Broad's information Center in Potter Heigham closed down to the public, they had gotten a lot of people interested in finding out more about the Norfolk Broads and all of the wildlife that exists in the area. People seem to have a natural curiosity about this waterland, they want to know everything that there is to learn about it. She was able to visit some of the other information centers, located in Hoveton and Whitlingham and she realized what a success they were. She noticed there was immense popularity behind the Wildlife Explorer Touchscreens that were featured in these other locations. She got the bright idea to install their own screen at their location, as well as obtain a license for the software that runs it.

It turns out, the Broads Authority team was happy to hear of this idea, they were eager to grant a license beginning in 2013. They even decided to sponsor the project and support it under the Broads Authority Sustainable Development Fund. Their goal was to increase awareness among people who live in the area and tourists, about the Broads environment and all of the unique animals that live within it. The interactive screen is designed to give the viewer an experience like no other. It is suitable for people of all ages, and it has actually made learning about the Broads fun and exciting.

In all, they spent a lot of money and time in order to upgrade the operation that you see functioning today at Herbert Woods. The screen was a welcoming addition to the reception that you experience at Herbert Woods. In fact, the screen has attracted a lot of attention from both adults and children as well.

They decided to install the screen at Herbert Woods because it was an easily accessible area. A lot of the general public in the area frequent to Herbert Woods quite often, and tourists are likely to visit this location as well. It's a great host for all of the people in the town. Tourists of the area are able to come to Herbert Woods in order to find out more about the Broads and see what type of wildlife exists in the area. Don't forget, the Wildlife Explorer Norfolk is a touchscreen experience that you will never forget. For more Information please visit
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