A Story Over Half a Century in the Making: Chessman Published by Outskirts Press

Author and attorney Terrence Cooney has combined all of the facts of the Caryl Chessman case with a fiction narrative that finally takes readers into the very heart of this bizarre American matter.

Studio City, CA, September 07, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Author, film producer and attorney Terrence W. Cooney announced today the release of Chessman, and His Nine Lives on Death Row, published by Outskirts Press. Cooney not only offers a comprehensive presentation of all the facts and all the interviews with pertinent parties, including Chessman himself, he also is able to dig deeper into the truth of the story through the freedom of his carefully constructed fiction narrative.

“Just as the gas chamber haunted Chessman for nearly twelve years,” writes the author, “his case hounded me for over fifty years. It’s a story I just had to tell before this shameful affair became lost in the mists of time.”

Cooney’s new book is not his first excursion into the details and themes of the Chessman case. In 1960 Cooney produced the documentary film Justice and Caryl Chessman, which was shown in more than fifteen hundred movie houses in America and countless others overseas. Cooney has interviewed all of the principals in this case, from California Governor “Pat” Brown, who issued Chessman’s eighth stay of execution, to Chessman’s attorneys, to Chessman himself, the most famous resident of San Quentin.

Chessman had become an international cause célèbre because of the injustice claimed to his being given the death penalty. Norman Mailer, Ray Bradbury, Eleanor Roosevelt, Billy Graham and a host of other well known figures had spoken out publically against Chessman’s impending doom, based as it was on his conviction for “kidnapping,” a capital offense in California, when he had only taken his one of his alleged victims no more than twenty-two feet from their cars.

Besides his close involvement with the Chessman case, the author and attorney also is no stranger to the general American controversy over the death penalty. In 1956 he was appointed by the California Supreme Court to serve as counsel on a death penalty case. He argued that the arbitrary imposition of the punishment violated the Bill of Rights Eighth Amendment’s outlawing “cruel and unusual punishment.” Although his argument was rejected then, in 1972 the U.S. Supreme Court adopted the same position as Cooney had.

What is the real truth to the Chessman case? Chessman presents it.

Chessman is available on-line in paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at www.outskirtspress.com/bookstore for a maximum trade discount in quantities of ten or more.

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About the author:
Terrence W. Cooney is a California lawyer who produced the worldwide distributed documentary feature Justice and Caryl Chessman.

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