Sconnie Fans Nationwide Show Wisconsin Pride with Sconnie Nation Clothing

Two Wisconsin companies, Sconnie Nation and, pair up to bring Wisconsin fashion to the rest of the USA.

Madison, WI, September 07, 2012 --( Sconnie Nation of Madison, Wisconsin celebrates the Wisconsin lifestyle by designing Wisconsin themed apparel. The company began in a dorm room at the University of Wisconsin-Madison when Ben Fiechtner and Troy Vosseller decided to create a line of whimsical Wisconsin t-shirts. "I’m excited to work with my fellow Badger entrepreneurs at Sconnie Nation," says owner and UW-Madison alum Linda Remeschatis.” and Sconnie Nation share a similar goal, to spread Wisconsin pride nationwide.”

What is a Sconnie?
The word Sconnie can be an noun or an adjective describing someone or something from Wisconsin. For example, “He sure loves bratwurst, he must be a Sconnie.” or “Look at that green and gold Sconnie truck!”. If you were born in Wisconsin, went to school in Wisconsin, have family in Wisconsin, or just loves a good fried cheese curd, you might be a Sconnie. Even if you’ve moved away from the Badger State, you can still show Sconnie pride with Sconnie Nation clothing from

Lifelong Wisconsin resident Linda Remeschatis founded in 1999. The online gift store showcases over 2,500 products made with pride and passion by more than 250 Wisconsin artisans. For the past 12 years, visitors have counted on for Wisconsin food, crafts, art, clothing and more. The artisans of are characterized by a pioneering spirit, pride in their home state and a dedication to their craft or trade.
Linda Remeschatis
Amanda Maurer