Page Rank Rocket to Host Seminar Showing Top Ten Secrets to Stop Wasting Money on Google Adwords

If you use Google Adwords, you're probably paying too much. 90% of Adwords campaigns make one or more of these ten mistakes, costing money. This seminar by the founder of Page Rank Rocket will show business owners how to fix those costly mistakes, allowing them to optimize their return on their Adwords investment.

Denver, CO, September 07, 2012 --( If you’re using Google Adwords to create traffic to your website, you’re probably wasting money. Jennifer Dunne, Founder of Page Rank Rocket, a local firm that specializes in Internet Marketing that Sparkles ™, will present a free seminar on Top Ten Secrets to Stop Wasting Money on Adwords on Thursday, September 13, from 5:30pm – 6:30pm at 3773 Cherry Creek North Drive, 5th Floor in the Rocky Mountain Meeting Room.

Many people don't realize that Google makes more money if your ad is shown to more people, even if they’re not your target market. If these people click on your ad, even if they’re never going to buy anything from you, Google charges you for that click. And if they don’t click on your ad, your ad quality score declines, so Google charges you more per click.

As a result, if you set up your ads using Google’s standard defaults, you’re paying more than you need to. Even if you hired a professional Google Adwords management company to set up your campaigns, if you’re not monitoring and maintaining your campaigns, you’re probably losing money.

“These Adwords Secrets are not rocket science. You don’t have to be an SEO expert or understand the ins and outs of web design. You just have to know how to identify the people most likely to respond to your ad,” Jennifer says.

At this free informational seminar, Jennifer will teach business owners about the top ten money-wasting mistakes in Adwords campaigns. According to NY Times Bestselling Author Frank Rumbauskas, approximately 90% of all Adwords campaigns make one or more of these mistakes. By the end of the seminar, business owners will know how to optimize their Adwords campaigns for the highest return on investment, whether they’ll be making those campaign changes themselves or hiring an Adwords management company to implement the changes.

Interested participants can register for this event “Stop Wasting Money on Adwords” at:

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