Finally, 20+ Years of Chronic Insomnia at an End. “The Spirit of Sleep” Reveals Solutions for Sleeping Naturally.

Phenomenal energy-healing technique cures 20+year battle with insomnia.

Eugene, OR, July 02, 2007 --( Ranita Corporation President Glenda Sparling’s new book, "The Spirit of Sleep ~ Freedom From Insomnia" describes an effective solution for the millions who suffer from chronic insomnia. Millions want to be medication-free to sleep peacefully and deeply. This book offers natural, behavioral and energy-healing techniques to accomplish this very goal. After 20 some-odd years of constant battling with insomnia, medication, and anxiety-producing nights, Glenda Sparling conquered her incessant insomnia.

In the ebook, The Spirit of Sleep, Glenda tells her story of one miserable night after another, how the insomnia began and how she employed a variety of easy-to-use tools to change the bad habits into positive sleep habits. Engrained personal habits are often challenging to reverse, however, with a positive attitudinal shift, a desire, and a commitment to action, Glenda explains how you can do just this. The reader will discover how to harness renewed energy, direct focus and eliminate the feeling of being helplessly dependent once and for all. In the book, The Spirit of Sleep, Glenda discusses the incredible power and energy that resides within each and every one of us that will direct this incredible transformation to achieving serene and tranquil nights - naturally.

“Ms. Sparling’s light and informative style is a pleasure to read. I loved reading about her quest for a good night’s sleep. Knowing that she’s gone through this challenge made the concepts and instructions easier to implement. I will be recommending this book to my patients who suffer with insomnia”, said Dr. R. Caron, (Caron Chiropractic and Sportsmedicine, Eugene, OR)

“The Spirit of Sleep is an excellent manual for anyone interested in improving their sleep without the use of hypnotics (sleeping pills). This book will empower you to take charge of chronic insomnia and enjoy your waking hours more.” Dr. Jan Stafl, MD (Certified Federal American College of OBGYN & Holistic Medicine, Eugene, OR)

Learn through easy to understand skills and even easier to apply techniques how to sleep through the night, peacefully and soundly. Experience the Law of Attraction and how it can change your daily and nightly outlook to achieve your desired result - rewarding, sound sleep. “Glenda Sparling has not only compiled effective strategies for sleep issues but has introduced the reality of spirit and universal law into the subject of sleep” said Bonnie Stoecker, EFT Specialist.

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Ranita Corporation is a privately held company, founded in 1982 by President Glenda D. Sparling and Secretary/Treasurer Wesley W. Sparling. Since its inception, Ranita Corporation and Ranita Corp Publishing, specialized in the sewing industry, creating industry-specific products, solutions and publications. Ranita Corporation, headquartered in Eugene OR, also established two wholly-owned subsidiaries in Canada and Australia. Glenda D. Sparling is a recognized author, speaker and international celebrity in the sewing industry. Ranita Corporation announces the immediate release of the book, “The Spirit of Sleep ~ Freedom From Insomnia”, authored by company President, Glenda Sparling.

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