HeadCoolie Cools Aid Workers in Louisiana

Patented cold therapy headband takes the edge off record heat as volunteers prep ships for Africa, Haiti, Honduras.

Danvers, MA, September 07, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Last month thirteen volunteers from Missions In Motion International Ministries braved the heat and humidity of Louisiana summer to prepare ships for medical and disaster relief for Africa, Haiti and Honduras. To help with the activity, part of the Friend Ships program, IPC Medical donated HeadCoolie thermal headbands to keep the aid workers cool.

During the week of August 4, 2012, Missions In Motion volunteers wore HeadCoolie headbands to provide relief against stifling, above-average temperatures. The patented headband helps prevent heat-related illness by providing consistent, hands-free cooling to the forehead or neck, key areas for regulating body temperature.

“HeadCoolie makes the kind of heat and humidity people face in Louisiana much more tolerable. You recover faster when exerting yourself and have less chance of getting sick from the heat when wearing the headband,” explained Holly Ruma, President of IPC Medical, the company that makes HeadCoolie. “The Missions in Motion volunteers worked hard in brutal conditions, but they worked smart. Taking breaks when needed and wearing their HeadCoolies reduced their risk of heat stroke and other complications.”

About HeadCoolie: HeadCoolie™ is a reusable, adjustable headband designed to provide non-chemical, non-prescription therapeutic relief for fever, discomfort and headaches, including migraines. The HeadCoolie system combines a high tech headband with an internal pocket positioned to hold cold inserts on the forehead or neck.

IPC Medical Corporation is a multi-application cold therapy specialist manufacturing a range of innovative products for post-surgical recovery, pain relief and fever reduction. For more information visit HeadCoolie.com

About Missions In Motion International Ministries: Missions In Motion International Ministries is an organization that helps people make a positive impact, both spiritually and physically, across the street and around the world. They specialize in organizing, planning and executing short and long term mission trips, both locally and abroad, as well as coordinating global aid and disaster relief efforts.

For additional information or to schedule an interview with Holly Ruma, please email Dina Ely at Media@IPCMedical.com or call Dina at (800)670-5543 x115. For additional information about Missions In Motion International Ministries, please email Cathy Shupe at cathy.shupe@missions-in-motion.org or call (541)414-HOPE (4673).
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