London Gold and Commodities Exchange Announces New Front End Solutions for Online Futures Traders

In order to keep up to date with the up-and-coming trends in online retail futures and foreign exchange business industry, London Gold and Commodities Exchange, has announced today the release of its newly enhanced front-end solutions via a new trading platform designed to the particular and unique trading needs of every online traders focus on retail futures investment.

London, United Kingdom, September 08, 2012 --( According to the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Dave Rooney, the newly released online trading platform has at present limited features and in the coming weeks, additional features and capabilities will be added to the platform to ensure that retail futures traders are empowered with the latest capabilities and applications.

Since the commencement of online trading in the commodity and brokerage industry, London Gold and Commodities Exchange is one of the few brokerage firms that introduced and offered online futures trading to clients and among the first to link its traders and investors to the most liquid and active exchange markets. Recently, additional features and capabilities were added to its proprietary electronic trading platform with exceptional execution speed blended with dependable tick charts and the ability to manage accounts online.

The new online trading platform is an addition to the list of its trading platforms that is expected to provide its active online traders more trading applications and choices in their trading activities such as availability of both fundamental and technical analysis, fast order execution and informative futures data. “With our newly introduced online trading platform, expected to offer front-end solutions to online traders, our clients can benefit our industry-leading back office services and customer security while also taking advantage of its wide-ranging products and trading systems offered by our company,” Mr. Rooney said.

“With our online futures clients are now empowered to choose which system to use in placing their orders and automatically, their trades will be processed using our new robust and highly-improved online trading platform. Our firm will continue to provide our clients with added functionalities and also vows to continue share its success to its clients by imparting necessary knowledge and trading experience. Our clients are given the opportunities to choose and use the best trading strategies and models that best fit for their trading requirements while we, on the other hand, will concentrate on providing back office services and providing more enhanced technology and connectivity,” explained Dave Rooney.
Kevin Alden