Avis Budget Chooses Perle Console Servers to Ensure Network Uptime

Perle IOLAN SDS3M Console Servers are selected for remote network access by Avis Budget to ensure their new Telco provider can deliver Service Level Agreement (SLA) uptimes.

Nashville, TN, September 08, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Perle Systems, a global provider of advanced serial to Ethernet and secure device networking solutions, reveals that Avis Budget chose Perle Console Servers to give remote network access to their new Telco provider.

The Telco provider is required to monitor the network at each Avis Budget retail outlet to ensure it is constantly up and running. When a disruption is detected it is critical for the Telco to determine from where the problem is originating. The first step is to check the network at the Avis Budget outlet for power outages or malfunctions of a switch or router. To do this, and as a condition of the Service Level Agreement (SLA), Avis Budget instructed the Telco to install Perle IOLAN SDSM Console Servers with an integrated V.92 Modem. This allows the Telco to access the network over IP, or dial-up modem connection, and carry out initial network diagnostics. By accessing the network remotely, the Telco is able to monitor and manage various Cisco routers and switches on the network and decide if a maintenance truck needs to be sent to the site.

John Feeney, Chief Operating Officer at Perle Systems, explains, “While Avis Budget is only interested in network uptime, the Telco needs to meet its obligations with a minimum number of truck rolls, which are expensive and time consuming.”

Perle IOLAN SDSM Console Servers are now the primary access points for remote console management of the Avis Budget network via IP or dial-up modem connection. They serve as a critical component to ensure the SLA commitments of the telecommunications company are met and the Avis Budget corporate network uptime is maximised.

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Julie McDaniel