Denver Jeweler, Sonny’s Diamonds and Jewelry, Adds New Items to Selection of Their Bridal Rings

Denver, CO, September 08, 2012 --( Sonny’s Diamonds and Jewelry, a leading Denver jeweler for high-quality and expertly-designed engagement and wedding rings, has recently announced that they have added more items to their wide-ranging engagement ring catalogue.

One such addition is the inclusion of rings designed by ring specialist, Fable Designs. These alternative-style wedding rings feature materials such as titanium, acrylic, exotic wood, black ceramic and stainless steel, which present a unique, yet contemporary appeal. The gemstones within the Fable Design collection are held together by tension fabric, giving the illusion of being suspended in mid-air. Fable’s innovative designs and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques continue to make them a sought after brand in bridal and fashion jewelry.

Another addition to Sonny’s Diamond and Jewelry’s large collection of engagement ring offerings is a new line from designer, Peter Storm. This exquisite selection of rings is based on traditional engagement ring elements, but with an emphasis on discerning details. Peter Storm has a keen eye for creating simple, yet dramatic rings through his use of open space and illusion. These design patterns highlight the individual sparkle of each perfectly placed diamond. Peter Storm is noted as the first designer to utilize “floating diamonds”; a princess cut diamond set in a point-to-point style evoking the impression of a floating stone that is absent of any visible metal setting holding the stone in place.

With a wide range of new and traditional diamond ring designers, Sonny’s Diamonds and Jewelry offers ring styles designed to suit all tastes from contemporary to classic. Sonny's Diamonds' versatile catalogue showcases the company as one of the most renowned jewelers in Denver. For more information on the company, please visit
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Michael Nedler