Build Profitable Sales Funnels with Buzzinar

Palm Bay, FL, September 10, 2012 --( Omar and Melinda Martin of Higher Level Strategies latest product, Buzzinar, teaches internet marketers how to build profitable sales funnels and features the same cutting-edge strategies, software tools, website themes and other resources that they use in their own business. The instructional videos in the members area are thorough and go step by step, so they are easy for even beginners to follow along with and implement. With Buzzinar, Omar and Melinda are continuing with their mission to empower internet marketers to succeed by providing tools that help them to truly build their businesses.

Buzzinar, Omar and Melinda Martin’s latest product, provides all of the tools and training necessary for even beginning marketers to build profitable sales funnels. The average internet marketer doesn't approach the selling process properly and, as a result, there is unfortunately a very high rate of failure in the industry. Most marketers don’t think of what they are doing as building a business. Instead, they tend to have a narrow and limited focus on simply creating, promoting, and selling one product at a time. This is why 97% of internet business entrepreneurs fail within their first year.

Making money online can be easy. Anybody can write a report using Microsoft Word and sell it on a blog for a few dollars using a Paypal button. This doesn’t require much in the way of skills, thinking, or planning. Many self-proclaimed gurus sell products teaching people how to make money online. Although some of their teachings might actually result in some sales, that is not the same as teaching people how to create real businesses which result in a significant and consistent income.

The husband and wife team of Omar and Melinda Martin at Higher Level Strategies have been living well off of their internet income for years. They've generated several million dollars online since 2007. They have earned the respect of the internet marketing community and, aside from their many successful products and courses, they created to ensure ethical standards and practices for internet marketers.

They also have a knack for creating sales funnels that attract profits virally. Omar and Melinda have been teaching their sales funnel tactics to entrepreneurs for a high ticket consultation fee. Recently, however, Omar and Melinda released an affordably priced product called Buzzinar which reveals their funnel building strategies and provides members with the software tools, website themes and resources to replicate their own success.

The members’ area is easy to navigate and the content is delivered in several ways. There's a detailed pdf ebook that explains the viral sales funnel creation system and it is accompanied by a professionally recorded audio course. The detailed modular training is comprised of step by step mp4 videos that cover:

The Buzzinar Call (recorded live)
Funnel Building Concepts
Strategic List Building
The Autoresponder
The Viral Squeeze
Segmentation, Persuasion and Monetization
Free Traffic
Paid Traffic

The videos explicitly demonstrate each of the lessons as a step-by-step process showing which buttons to click and in which order. It has been designed to be easy to understand and follow along with, even for those who are new to internet marketing and have few if any technical skills.

The training modules are one important aspect of Buzzinar. But it also includes the same tools that Omar and Melinda use in their business today. Those who purchase the product will receive a complete sales website with all the required Buzzinar funnel pages. The sites can be easily modified to best serve the needs of the marketer and the product or funnel he wishes to create by following the instructions provided. There is also no limit to how many times the process can be repeated.

Since many marketers use Wordpress as their site building platform, Buzzinar includes a Wordpress theme that works in the same way as the html website provided to help marketers to attract customers, make sales and grow their list.

Buzzinar also includes, two powerful pieces of software. These come in the form of a Wordpress plugin that can be used with the WordPress themes, and an html application that can be uploaded to any html sites. The software is used in the squeeze process to attract new customers every time that someone opts into the squeeze page.

The members area has been designed for ease of use, functionality, and intuitive navigation. The pricing structure is similarly simple, with no hidden upsells. Customers can try out one of the lower memberships and upgrade later within the members area without being penalized or having to pay more.

The Buzzinar system is ideal for those looking to learn how to build their businesses via a solid, long lasting income. It was designed by a team of marketers who have been very successful and are sharing the same tools and strategies they currently employ in their own business.
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Melinda Martin
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