Houston Garage Door Repair Specialist Releases Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Sara’s Garage Doors says these problems, if fixed, will prolong the life of your Houston garage door.

Houston, TX, September 09, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Houston garage door repair specialist Sara’s Garage Doors (http://www.sarasgaragedoors.com) has released a list of common garage door problems most Houston homeowners face, and quick and easy ways to fix them.

M.J. Iqbal, owner of Sara’s Garage Doors said most homeowners call garage door specialists to fix problems they can probably fix themselves if they know how.

“Most of the problems we encounter every day when we go to our customers’ homes or businesses are probably problems that homeowners and business owners can repair if they have the knowledge. I am not saying that homeowners should attempt to repair all garage door problems but these minor issues are easy to take care of,” Iqbal said in Houston, Texas this week.

One of the most common garage door problems, according to Sara’s Garage Doors, is sticking garage doors that will not open when you push the wall button.

“Sticking garage doors is fairly common but the problem is that most homeowners do not realize that it is easy to fix. When this happens, the metal rollers and hinges are the culprit. All you have to do is simply lubricate the hinges and that should fix the issue,” he said.

The Houston garage door specialist added that sticking doors may also be caused by dirty door tracks that need cleaning.

“Cleaning the garage door tracks will also be helpful and make your door work smoothly. Remove any clogs and ensure the tracks are properly aligned. Also check the sensors to ensure proper alignment,” Iqbal said.

Other common problems include garage doors that fail to open, open half way and stops or doors that emit popping sounds during operation.

“These problems have to do with either garage door springs, broken garage door cables, misaligned sensors and bad rollers. Eliminating these problems will normally fix these minor problems,” Iqbal said.

He urged homeowners in Houston, Katy, Missouri City, Pearland, Memorial City, Richmond, Rosenberg and Sugar Land, Texas who may not feel comfortable repairing their garage doors to call the local Sugar Land Garage Door Repair specialists at 281-970-3667 or complete the short form at http://www.sarasgaragedoors.com/contact.html.

“All homeowners have to do is call us today and we will be there to take care of it,” Iqbal added.
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