TwoLeftHands.Net Introduces Partner Program for Wedding Vendors

TwoLeftHands' free Diamond Partner Program will help service providers deliver better service to their clients while earning additional income

San Diego, CA, July 03, 2007 --( TwoLeftHands.Net, the original free online exchange for brides and wedding service providers, announced today the launch of its Diamond Partner Program. Under the Diamond Partner Program, wedding service providers will be able to provide their clients with free tools that help them plan their weddings and events. These tools are delivered over the TwoLeftHands network and any service related issues are handled by TwoLeftHands.Net, so service providers can deliver these tools without any additional overhead, bandwidth, maintenance, costs or resource constraints.

According to Scott Winterton, the company's President and Founder, the TwoLeftHands.Net Diamond Partner Program presents a win-win situation for service providers. Vendors may now provide an additional service to their clients without requiring and additional work, they can earn money while doing it, and it costs them nothing to become a partner or to maintain the tools. "Our mission is to use technology to meet brides and their service providers on common ground and make the wedding planning process easier for everyone," said Winterton, "that's why we've invested significant resources into creating tools that the vendor and the bride can use to streamline the wedding planning process. Now with the Diamond Partner Program, we use our vendor's credibility with the bride to further solidify the relationship they already have."

The Diamond Partner Program is available now at TwoLeftHands website.

About TwoLeftHands.Net:

TwoLeftHands.Net is the original free online exchange for engaged couples and wedding service providers. By combining technology with unparalleled service, TwoLeftHands.Net helps take the stress, hassle and a great deal of legwork out of the wedding planning process.

Scott Winterton