"Auto to Artist," a Methodology to Learn Photography as Evolved as Your Digital SLR

A Florida photographer publishes his first book about basic photography technique. The book advocates a method that leverages the power of modern digital cameras. He drew inspiration from his own learning process.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, September 09, 2012 --(PR.com)-- When Huba Rostonics started teaching photography four years ago little did he imagine that it would turn into a discipline.

The School where he started at, lacked the curriculum and they did not have a teaching program. Far from stalling, he built his own material, and in the process, developed a very innovative way of teaching photography.

By internalizing his own process of learning photography he realized that most of the methods currently in use were developed at a time when the technology we have today was not available, and there is a mismatch between the teaching methods and the skillset needed.

He has now reached a new milestone with the release of "Auto to Artist," his first book, where he gathers all this information. The photography book was released this month and includes this method, exercises, examples and photographs of his own.

"The digital cameras available for the consumer today, are equipped with very powerful computers that can guide the student in the process of learning the craft; and the screen in the back of the camera is the ultimate educational accessory, allowing for instant feedback on the effects of what the student is doing," said Rostonics. "'Auto to Artist' is a learning methodology as evolved as your Digital SLR," he continued.

The book is available through his website, Phocaccia.com where visitors can also download his free podcast that airs every two weeks and also through Amazon.com.

About Huba Rostonics:
Huba Rostonics is a Fort Lauderdale, FL-based commercial photographer concentrating in offering local businesses in Broward county as well as large corporations, quality and one-of-a-kind photographs that sell their image, product and services. Specializing in Food and Product Photography, and complex setups and composite images, services addressed through his production company, Phocaccia Productions, LLC include creative marketing consulting, photography, retouching and full production. To sign-up for a class or to see the schedule for his workshops, go to his workshop-specific website http://www.Phocaccia.com where you can also sign-up free to his blog and a bi-weekly photography podcast.
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