Artspace Warehouse to Celebrate Enduring Beauty

New art exhibition Enduring Beauty opens September 15, 2012 with an artist reception from 6-9pm at Artspace Warehouse examining beauty in life, freedom, perceived beauty vs. iconic beauty and mystery. The show includes new works from Jessika Cardinahl, Courtney Raney and Bernhard Zimmer.

Los Angeles, CA, September 09, 2012 --( Artist Jessika Cardinahl was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, where she is highly considered as an established German film actress. Due to the great successes of two of Germany's highest grossing, commercially released comedic films: OTTO, DER FILM and OTTO, DER LIEBESFILM with established actor/comedian Otto Waalkes; Jessika received tremendous public attention for her lead roles at an early age in her career.

Wildlife has always been a major source of inspiration for Jessika Cardinahl. Following her graphic design studies in Germany and acting career she revived her love of art and studied at Parsons and UCLA Arts.

Inspired by Maya Angelou’s Caged Bird, this collection depicts birds in flight, feeding, still life and community. Her often large works on paper and canvas include pastel, oil stick, ink, pigment, watercolor, charcoal and gouache. “My technique of expression is truthfully direct. Colors flow, lines delineate, form and shape blossom out beyond the height and breadth of the paper. To the viewer perhaps an emotional understanding beyond color, shape and stroke evolves. Stimulus and response are my favorite playmates.” - Jessika Cardinahl

Los Angeles artist Courtney Raney’s works include graphically shadowed depictions of celebrities. With her signature splashes of color she adds a playful contrasting layer of chaos over the highly controlled imagery of iconic beauty. Her small wood block paintings are popular with local aficionados as well as with tourists seeking original artworks as Hollywood mementos.

German artist Bernhard Zimmer has managed to create a positive stir at major international art fairs such as Art Basel and Kunst Koln lending him much credibility with serious art collectors worldwide. His latest series of paintings are excerpts from a book of Portuguese author Fernando Pessoa, which he considers extremely profound. The text excerpts are painted over and removed until the images retain its mysterious color gloss and the letters starts to shimmer, transforming and enlivening the image surface. This creates the impression that, depending on the light, the images transform again. The onlooker gets lured into a mysterious landscape of color fields and finely textured surfaces to discover fragments of cryptic text that seem to hold a secret that will not be found.

Artspace Warehouse, one of the world's leading galleries for savvy contemporary art collectors, combines American and European artists in this new exhibition focusing on the mystery of Enduring Beauty in various media.

Artspace Warehouse specializes in guilt-free international, urban, pop, street, photo and abstract art with affordable contemporary art galleries in Zurich and Los Angeles.

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