Lancaster County Amish Woman Blogs the Non-Electric Life

Lancaster County, PA, September 24, 2012 --( The Amish have lives of incredible simplicity. There is no TV, no internet, no cars and, for the most part, little interaction with the rest of the world. Their lives revolve completely around their farms, family and community. That’s why it was so surprising that Amish woman Sylvia King received permission from her church to write a blog about her life.

Sylvia and her husband, Joshua, are members of a plain (“horse and buggy”) church who live on a small farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where they raise livestock and produce. Though the blog is, in a sense, a handwritten “reality TV show,” it contains no startling revelations or contrived situations. Instead, Sylvia writes from a grandmother’s heart, describing a typical Amish woman’s day and sharing her expertise in a surprising number of areas.

From the first post where she describes how their horse lost a shoe on the way to church (“Oh, no!” she says. “Joshua tacked it back on.”) to sharing her sister’s new recipe for zucchini chow chow (relish), it’s a pleasant and bucolic look at a way of life envied by many.

Sylvia’s new blog can be found on, a traditional Lancaster County country store that offers Amish and old-fashioned remedies, kerosene lanterns and other old-time gadgets as well as local Amish food in season.
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