ALGAE-X International Premiers SMART FPS Compact Diesel Fuel Polishing System

The SMART FPS Compact is the perfect solution for removing water, sludge and contaminants from diesel fuel, preventing clogged filters, reducing smoke and emissions, reducing downtime and extending fuel injection and engine service life.

Fort Myers, FL, September 12, 2012 --( ALGAE-X International (AXI), a Florida-based manufacturer of diesel fuel quality optimization technology, announces today the release of the SMART FPS Compact Fuel Polishing System. Used in applications where engine reliability is important, like emergency generators and recreational or commercial marine, the SMART FPS Compact stabilizes fuel, keeping it in pristine, “clear & bright” condition.

AXI’s SMART FPS Compact guarantees Optimal Fuel Quality for Reliable Power at All Times.

“The SMART FPS Compact uses AXI’s ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioner to optimize fuel for peak engine performance, greater reliability and less pollution. Its small footprint of only 10-by-7 inches makes the SMART FPS Compact Fuel Polishing System the ideal solution when space is a commodity,” said Wout Lisseveld, AXI’s CEO.

AXI designed the SMART FPS Compact Fuel Polishing System for use in remote locations where fuel quality is often questionable. Even fresh fuel may contain water, sediment and microbes upon delivery. The SMART FPS Compact polishes and optimizes fuel at 80 gallons per hour, with particulate filtration as fine as 10-microns.

AXI’s patented Green Clean Certified Technology and Equipment restores, optimizes, and maintains fuel quality, guaranteeing peak engine performance and reliable power while lowering operating costs. AXI’s commitment to customer service and superior engineering has propelled the company to a leadership position in the market and promoted a more efficient use of our planet’s non-renewable resources.

For more on the SMART FPS Compact and a free consultation about your fuel filter, engine reliability or fuel tank problems, speak with the Fuel Experts at AXI Toll Free: 1-877-425-4239.

About AXI
AXI is represented across North America and in more than 70 countries worldwide. AXI Fuel Maintenance Systems and Equipment are available through major engine distributors, marine equipment distributors, fuel storage tank manufacturers, and also through factory-trained resellers and representatives.

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