AAS Technology Introduces HD CCTV SDI Series

Fremont, CA, September 13, 2012 --(PR.com)-- AAS Technology has recently announced the introduction of a new line of HD CCTV SDI products to their comprehensive catalogue. These new solutions will provide customers with high performance products for the conversion of low quality SDI signal to higher quality HD/HDMI signal levels.

One of the latest solutions available within the AAS Technology catalogue is the SD/HD/3G-SDI to HDMI Converter – Pro Series. This leading class device works to convert a single channel SDI signal to multiple kinds of HD multimedia HDMI signals and CVBS signals. It offers seamless integration of a SDI cable equalizer and a reclocker in order to enhance the user’s video performance and stability.

The SD/HD/3G-SDI to HDMI Converter – Pro Series solution from AAS Technology also works to separate and convert the audio signals of SDI, either embedding the SDI signal to HDMI or outputting the signal to analog audio DACs depending on the user’s unique performance needs.

Another product that’s now available within the AAS Technology line of HD CCTV SDI products is the SD/HD/3G-SDI 1x2 Distribution Amplifier & Extender. This Economical device receives one SDI input and duplicates it perfectly. It then retransmits two SDI signal outputs for real-time multi-viewing across various mediums. It’s one of the most reliable video-devices for splitting a SDI or HD-SDI video source to two HD-SDI or SD-SDI displays simultaneously. This device is also available with relocking function and acts as a repeater. It is the same as the Economical type but it takes one input then reclocks and equalizes the signal and distributes it to two identical outputs.

Trusted solutions based on cutting-edge innovation, the latest products from AAS Technology will ensure crystal clear clarity for a broad range of HD CCTV applications. To learn more about AAS Technology and the company’s product catalogue, please visit http://www.aas.com.tw/
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