Ken Follett's Winter of the World on Pre-Order at Infibeam with a Special Offer

Ken Follett's Winter of the World is about how deeply a war can adversely affect all aspects of human life – and dent the feelings and emotions which make them what they are, that is, human.

Ahmedabad, India, September 15, 2012 --( Infibeam is glad to announce a fantastic offer on the pre-order on Ken Follett's Winter of the World, slated for release on 18 September 2012. All who pre-order this book also stand to gain free-of-charge Fall of Giants by the same author!

However, the real interest of the proposed bargain lies in the novel itself. Winter of the World impressively plays out the vicissitudes of an 11-year-old German girl named Carla von Ulrich and Lloyd, a young English student, brought to Hitler's Germany by his mother, Ethel Leckwith, a former British MP and Carla's mother's friend.

Ethel's visit comes at a time when, just like the world in general, Germany too is thrown into utter turmoil. Hitler is establishing firm grip over Germany and pounding his enemies with iron fists. The situation brings Lloyd vis-à-vis brutal realities of Nazism, and occasions his direct involvement with the resistance that is building up against it.

It is against this background that profoundly human emotions and feelings strive to preserve themselves. This struggle is represented by the love interest introduced by Carla and Lloyd. Follett succeeds in poignantly conveying the idea of how pure human emotions like love, which make humans what they actually are, are distanced from all that is abstract – ideologies and beliefs and all that. However, the extremely dehumanizing realities of war do have the potential to traumatize them.

Ken Follett is one of the best of the present generation of fiction writers to emerge from Britain. And he is a very prolific writer too.

However, his career as a writer actually began with Eye of the Needle when he was in his twenties. It earned him both an identity as a writer and an award. But, The Pillars of the Earth was a giant step forward, which not only confirmed his position as a writer but also brought to light his real genius. World Without End formed sequence to it. He never looked back since then. He has even penned a non-fiction bestseller entitled On Wings of Eagles.
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