Lighthouse Assisted Living Facilities Announces September Programs and Activities for Residents with Dementia Disorders

Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes Centennial Announces September Programs and Activities for Residents with Dementia Disorders at the Three Homes in Centennial

Highlands Ranch, CO, September 15, 2012 --( Lighthouse Assisted Living facilities announced activities and programs for residents in its various assisted living homes in Centennial, Littleton, and Englewood. Lighthouse Assisted Living facilities mentioned that these activities were aimed at encouraging the elders residing in their homes. Lighthouse Assisted Living has six assisted living facilities in the state of Colorado. People suffering from memory disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, memory loss, stroke, aimless wandering, confused behavior, and other dementia related problems reside in the Lighthouse Assisted Living facilities. The programs announced by Lighthouse Assisted Living facilities are as follows for the month of September.

September 1 – Taking the residents outside for fresh air breath
September 2 – Manicures and hand massages with pampering of residents
September 3 – Labor Day
September 4 – It all started in kindergarten
September 5 – Finish the drawing
September 6 – Puzzles & ponderings along with reminiscence of school days
September 7 – Easy does it … trivia
September 8 – Have a piece of fresh fruit for snacks
September 9 – Memories of your Grandparents – Discussion on Grandparents Day
September 10 – Farmers Market and Sensory Basket
September 11 – Fall Harvesting and Snapping Green Beans
September 12 – Memories in the Making and Watercolors
September 13 – Career Day with Read … “My Hilarious Job History”
September 14 – Which One is Not like the Others? Discussion
September 15 – Memory Walk in City Park, Denver
September 16 – Watch a Movie with Popcorn
September 17 – Read USA Today
September 18 – Taste Buds Taste – What your snack tells about you…
September 19 – Apple Dumpling Day
September 20 – Let’s Go for a Scenic Drive
September 21 – Advertising Slogans with Puzzle & Trivia
September 22 – Say “hello” and wave at someone on first day of autumn
September 23 – Let’s have an Afternoon Sundae
September 24 – National Dog Week – Making Dog Treats
September 25 – We will write … Our Favorite Poem of the Day
September 26 – Memories in the Making and watercolors
September 27 – Let’s Go for a Scenic Drive
September 28 – Harvest Moon and Sing-a-long
September 29 – What Am I?
September 30 – Reflections – the little things in life that make us happiest.

Lighthouse Assisted Living facilities strongly believes that such variety of activities would not only keep the health of the elders in prime condition but also lead to substantial improvement in their mental health. Further details on assisted living can be obtained at:

Lighthouse Assisted Living Inc.
10557 Wagon Box Circle
Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80130
Phone: 720-344-7217
Fax: 720-200-4906
Lighthouse Assisted Living
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