RFID Wristbands for Event Management, Access Control from Daily

Guangzhou, China, September 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- With the escalating trend of adopting RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, DAILY RFID has announced RFID Wristband series in either disposable or reusable version to transmit identification information for fulfilling the event management. As the significant and powerful tool for the event management, RFID wristbands could be easily utilized in frequency electromagnetic fields such as access control. Put simply, the electromagnetic field is the power source for the wristband tag.

Available in either disposable or reusable type, the smart RFID wristband is an ideal selection for improving the management of big events just like the World-Cup, Hospital, Music Concerts and so on. At concerts, purchasing a ticket may imply consent to the RFID wristband. Most events need collect only the most basic personal information. Moreover, the wristbands are easy to wear and non-intrusive. Given to hospital patients at admission, they appear like most hospital wristbands, except that they have an RFID element. These wristbands ensure streamlined care, efficient patient tracking and proper administration of medications.

Those afraid of damaging the wristband and being denied entrance into a festival need not fear. The RFID wristbands are pretty much indestructible, people do not worry about getting them wet either. The wristbands can survive being submerged in up to 18 inches of water. So please continue washing your grubby hands at festivals.

Besides, these RFID wristbands can still be made in passive or active frequency type. Read/write distances for the passive RFID wristband vary based on body type, ranging from a maximum of 5m to a minimum of 1cm. And the active RFID wristbands can be detected from up to 100m away. The new RFID wristband can produce a robust RFID solution for people tracking since every wristband comes with a unique ID code. It is available to women, man or children size.

Gone are the long queues due to waiting for credit card transactions to go through. By loading funds onto wristbands, it actually becomes a lot easier for the festival organizers as well. In the world of retail, RFID wristbands tracking streamlines inventory management and makes stocking and loss prevention a snap. Thus, just buy them from Daily, Daily RFID is one of the most professional and trustful manufacturers in China.

Please visit http://www.rfid-in-china.com/products-45-1.html for more information about RFID Wristbands.


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