EVS Announces Beta Testing of 500R2 for Sage 500 ERP

Beta testing of 500R2 for Sage 500 ERP software gets underway as the new 500R2 systems sets out to improve the end user experience.

Boulder, CO, September 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Escape Velocity Systems (EVS), a Boulder, Colorado based ERP software innovation group announced today that beta testing has begun for the new 500R2 system, developed for Sage 500 ERP software.

“The 500R2 project is all about improving user experience with ERP software. A great experience with ERP requires screens to be as personal to the user and their needs as their smartphone. The experience I have on my smartphone is different than anyone else because of the apps I’ve downloaded. Now, organizations can create a personalized experience with their ERP from 500R2 plug-ins,” states Evan Garber, President of EVS.

Supporting the personalization of ERP is a technology refresh, which brings a Microsoft .Net framework and sets the platform for the next generation technology. This new technology is social, improves the user experience, is an advanced technology and is expandable and adaptable.

The beta program will begin with the most anticipated role; Sales Order Entry. The new 500R2 ERP software will include exciting features, such as: instant grid search, instant search in all lookups, auto-complete, customizable grid formats and the allowance of 500R2 plug-ins to personalize customer needs without custom programming.

About EVS

EVS was formed in 2002 to develop innovative software applications, which improve the way people use and think about ERP.

For more information, contact sales@evs-sw.com or visit http://www.evs-sw.com.
Escape Velocity Systems (EVS)
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