TiWi Digital Ad Network Launches Active Youth Channel with DigitalTown’s Spirit Site Network

24,000 High School Spirit Websites Owned by Leading Youth Sports Advocacy Group to Become Ad Network Channel Offering Regular Display Plus Weather Triggered Advertising

St. Paul, MN, September 14, 2012 --(PR.com)-- TiWi Digital Ad Network, the only digital ad network offering a fully integrated, weather-based advertising platform, has launched a Youth Channel in partnership with DigitalTown (OTCQB: DGTW) and its Spirit Site Network, announced Andy Dahl, TiWi CEO and Richard Pomije, DigitalTown Chairman.

The Youth Channel will be comprised of the 24,000 High School Spirit websites owned and operated by DigitalTown and will reach 99% of US Zip Codes. TiWi will provide 24/7 weather data for each site and will be responsible for national and regional advertising strategy and sales management for both display ads and its proprietary Weather Window and Weather Widget advertising. TiWi’s advertising sales executives Lien Sarles (lee.sarles@mytiwi.com) and Christen Everly (christen.everly@mytiwi.com) will spearhead the advertising sales efforts.

The DigitalTown Spirit Site network currently provides High School varsity schedules, rankings, and scores for more than 18,000 basketball programs, 15,000 football programs, and 8,000 Boys and Girls Lacrosse programs nationwide. Exceeding their initial goal of building the network to help schools support their athletic programs, DigitalTown has developed technology solutions to address the security needs of various school and community programs. Recently, the company’s Trusted Webmail service was endorsed by the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) as its Official Email for Athletics Administrators, Coaches and Student-Athletes.

"As an investor in TiWi, I am pleased to see the company grow in a positive direction by aligning with organizations like DigitalTown, which take on an advocacy role in the development of today's youth and youth athletics," said Mr. Stanley Hubbard, chairman of Hubbard Broadcasting.

“We are excited to launch this partnership with TiWi,” said Richard Pomije, Chairman of DigitalTown. “Not only do they provide best in class weather data and a unique device for advertisers to achieve daily relevancy with audiences, but they have a keen understanding of the nuances in specialty and enthusiast markets. In our case, they understand the social responsibility we have to our young visitors which requires care in advertiser selection.”

For Publishers, TiWi is known for turning what used to be a budget expense line into a revenue stream. To date, more than 400 media websites have capitalized on TiWi’s unique ability to deliver superior weather data to consumers while also generating revenue by allowing advertisers to reach those consumers at pivotal daily decision-making points without redirecting visitors off-site. For Advertisers, TiWi serves as a device enabling them to create impact by leveraging weather, and virtually any weather variable, with a weather triggered ad. For example, iced beverage ads have been delivered only at times and places where the temperature rises to a specified degree. Frizz controlling hair care product messages can be delivered based on high humidity levels, when they happen.

About DigitalTown:
DigitalTown, Inc. in Burnsville, MN is developing a nationwide network of more than 27,000 local online communities for high school students, alumni, boosters and local citizens. For more information, please visit www.digitaltown.com.

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Founded by the country’s longest running on-air weather personality, Dave Dahl and his son, Andy Dahl, with Strategic investments by Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. and Mr. Stanley Hubbard, chairman of Hubbard Broadcasting. TiWi is a leading national digital media organization blending innovative weather technologies with advanced advertising capabilities. TiWi’s mission is to deliver the most engaging, interactive and productive advertising and weather to online and mobile visitors. Our other Tools are utilized by over 380 newspaper, television and radio web sites to deliver value-add content to their visitors. The Weather Tools also provide a unique ad space for advertisers to effectively extend their reach of existing offline and online campaigns and maximize ad spend return. With over 2.0 million unique visitors each month, ads are presented to viewers who are in “active search mode” and arriving to ads on purpose – not randomly web surfing for entertainment. For more information about TiWi, please visit www.mytiwi.com.
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