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Poker Books Online usually review other peoples poker books, but now they have launched their own, free book aimed at beginners.

Las Vegas, NV, July 05, 2007 --( Poker Books Online have announced that they have a new poker eBook ready for free distribution on their website, aimed at helping confused newbies find their way in online poker.

The free eBook, entitled Texas Hold'em For Beginners , is available for free download immediately from the website at .

The book covers all the basics, so players who have never played before can get a taste for the game. It startd off with a section on the rules, and how to play and then moves onto a basic strategy for sit'n'go tournaments.

The next section is aimed at intermediate players, and covers interesting topics such as bluffing, which starting hands to play, how to read a flop quickly, and what danger signs to look out for with regards to others' betting. One of the most useful parts of the book is a section on bankroll management, which has a helpful system, designed by the books author 'The Drifter' which will keep your bankroll ticking over nicely, whilst ensuring that you are playing at the right skill level.

Finally the book also contains exclusive bonuses for many of the top poker sites which could net a player over $2000 in extra money to add to your bankroll.

Poker Books Online owner Dave Chance was very pleased that professional online poker player, 'The Drifter' had written the book exclusively for the site.
He commented, "It's a neat little guide, and perfect for anyone who wants to start playing, or who has recently begun playing poker. The fact that we can give it away free as well is great news."

Poker Boks Online was set up last year to review other eBooks, but this is the first time they have released their own.

To donwload the book check out the site at

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