b2b2dot0 Increases Customer Satisfaction with Online Payments of SAP Invoices

Raleigh, NC, September 17, 2012 --(PR.com)-- b2b2dot0 helps companies improve the online buying process. Increasing customer satisfaction with online payments of SAP invoices makes a significant difference. Sam Bayer, CEO of b2b2dotcom asks, “What if you could reduce your Days Sales Outstanding and increase customer satisfaction by allowing your B2B customers to pay invoices online and apply discounts in real-time via eChecks or credit cards?”

Blount International was like many other global manufacturers and still used a few paper-based business processes. Until recently, the company was receiving and processing customer payments by check through the mail. That fact alone inserted at least 6 business days into the process…4 days of mail time and a minimum of 1 day of processing time on each end.

Blount’s CEO, Barry Brunetto, saw an opportunity to use web-based electronic payments to improve an inefficient process. Brunetto wanted to:
· Provide Blount’s customers with more convenient payment options
· Use technology to “do more with less”
· Reduce receivables
· Allow customers to easily reconcile their accounts

Bayer noted, “Blount approached b2b2dot0 with this request to integrate electronic payments into the system. With this initiative, the client provided the vision, and we provided the infrastructure and integration — and our WebAR service was born.”

Since then, the company has realized huge return on that investment. On average, Blount’s global customers now “self-serve” more than 8,000 web orders, status checks and document downloads per month.

Now Blount’s customers can:
· Take advantage of early payment discounts
· Apply payments to the “Open Items” of their choice
· Apply credits to payments of their choice
· Have tighter day-to-day control over their credit limits
· Eliminate the cost and hassle of printed checks and postage fees

About b2b2dot0:
b2b2dot0 (www.b2b2dot0.com) enables manufacturers who run SAP to provide an online B2B order-to-cash process for their customers and employees.

b2b2dot0 offers a real time SaaS eCommerce solution that reduces costs, labor, risk, and Days Sales Outstanding by extending SAP data and business processes to the online ordering process. B2B buyers get accurate, real time, and personalized information as well as online access to official order documents. Buyers are empowered to make accurate business decisions in a self-service mode, and accounts payable roles can utilize the Web AR solution to apply credits and pay open invoices online.

Magento and b2b2dot0
Magento is a powerful open-source eCommerce platform that manufacturers can use to build and run online stores. It offers manufacturers the ability to easily create customized eCommerce experiences for their buyers, and enables companies to market their products to a variety of audiences. Integrating Magento with b2b2dot0′s SAP-integrated service, manufacturers can create a web sales channel focused on their largest revenue source that rivals those of consumer-oriented sites.

Actionable Intelligence drives eCommerce profitability. Bayer added, “We continually monitor our clients' eCommerce sites for information regarding web traffic, business intelligence, customer satisfaction, defects, and other data. This is vital information that manufacturers can use to improve processes, enhance the user experience, and maximize order management efficiency.”

Sam Bayer, CEO
Sam Bayer