Filmedia Entertainment is Talks with Major French Production Company, Crescendo Films, for New Documentary

Los Angeles, CA, September 17, 2012 --( Independent filmmaker Fredric Lean (Filmedia Entertainment) is in talks for a co-production with major French major production company, Crescendo Films, and producer Serge Guez to develop and co-produce a new documentary. The film has no definite title yet but will highlight some aspects of the world of aviation and women pilots. Principal photography expected to begin early 2013.

Fredric Lean has just finished his directorial debut feature documentary called "The Wind of AL-Amal" (The Wind of Hope)

The Wind of Al-Amal is an inspirational feature documentary about one of the world largest refugee crisis today: The Iraqi Refugee Crisis.

Shot in a "Guerrilla" visual style, this multi-layered narrative film speaks about real human journeys to recovery, with a simple truthfulness as we get a personal look at some of the issues of this major humanitarian crisis through the eyes of three main Iraqi protagonists and major contributors like journalists, scholars, politicians, intellectuals, activists, humanitarian organizations... (Prof. Noam Chomsky, U.N Diplomat Denis J. Halliday, Iraqi Ambassador to the U.N Hamid Al-Bayati, journalist Patrick Cockburn, Unicef, Human Right Watch, UNHCR….)

Crescendo films is one of the leading French production company focusing mainly on documentaries. Their production approach is to focus on projects that offer an international distribution and financing. French producer and founder Serge Guez, has build a team of professionals who is always eager to support different world views through the eyes of authors and who offers a wide range of unique aesthetic choices. They work closely with authors and directors.

Crescendo's latest production "Kinshasa Kids" has been very well received and appraised at the 2012 Venise Film Festival and in Toronto. The company is also in co-production for a documentary about German-born Austrian filmmaker, Michael Haneke.
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