User Manual for Computer Self-Maintenance Now Available

Debbie Mahler, owner of Internet Tech Specialists, takes you step-by-step through the PC maintenance process in “Why Is My PC So Slow?”

Algonquin, IL, September 18, 2012 --( You don't have to be a technical genius to keep your computer operating as smoothly and as quickly as it did the day you brought it home. Is that a startling revelation?

If you answered yes to that question, “Why Is My PC So Slow?” is just the book you need. If you answered no, then you are probably technically savvy but just want that little extra confidence to take that extra step forward. Again, this book is just what you need.

Computer programmer and technology professional Debbie Mahler, owner of Internet Tech Specialists, shares the basic maintenance procedures that many computer consultants would not like you to know. Ms. Mahler states, “In the past fifteen plus years in this business, I’ve seen more deception and heard more lame excuses than I’d care to add to these pages. I was tired of seeing people taken to the cleaners by consultants and repair companies. This motivated me to write this book.”

The book begins with the basics of backup, setting restore points, installing protection software and firewalls. In a lighthearted warning, she declares not to let friends, relatives, and well-meaning assistants touch your computer to add, install, delete or fix anything.

There are three key reasons why current solutions to computer maintenance are unsafe. Mahler explains, “You can’t watch late night television without seeing a commercial for one of those remote software companies that will guarantee to speed up your computer if you just pay them monthly.” 1) These “speed up your PC” services remove old registry entries. If the wrong item is removed, your computer is un-bootable., 2) The service requires remote logins (do you know who the person is on the other end? And 3) what happens when their service fails or they damage something? The Limits of Liability, in small print, states you're on your own.

“Why Is My PC So Slow?” is complete with software suggestions, and Mahler includes links to valuable resources that she uses on her own computers, along with others that she has tested and recommends.

“Over the past couple of years my PC had become noticeably slower as I’d added more and more programs and downloads. While I will happily experiment with internet based tools, I get very nervous at the thought of making any changes to the operating system of my computer. It’s my main business tool and I can’t afford to mess it up. Debbie’s expert and easy to understand instructions in her ‘Why is my PC so slow?’ E-Book gave me the confidence to follow the steps and revitalize the performance of my PC.” - Louise Barnes-Johnston, Simply Business Coaching

“I just finished reading – or should I say doing – the ebook, “Why Is My PC So Slow?’ As a baby boomer, technology often scares me. This step-by-step guide to keeping your PC running like new is easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to do! The photos help me know I’m on the right screen, and the non-techie verbiage keeps me from squeezing my eyes in fear as I hit the ‘next’ or ‘enter’ key! No more costly maintenance and repair bills for me!” - Cindy Hartman, Hartman Inventory Systems

“Why Is My PC So Slow?” can be purchased on Mahler’s website at Internet Tech

About Debbie Mahler
Long before viruses and security were front-page topics, Debbie Mahler was educating the public and reporting on them. It was this early groundwork that earned her the title of Symantec Software Partner and Security Specialist.

A graduate of National-Louis University in Wheaton, IL, and with over 20 years in the PC repair business, Debbie not only continues to repair and build PCs for her clients, she has educated end-users and educators in local community colleges for more than 15 years. She is an online instructor for Ed2go, a global education provider, and a division of Cengage Learning. Debbie teaches introductory and advanced PC Security courses for all English-speaking colleges and universities.

Debbie continues to teach, while maintaining client projects, managing staff members, and coordinating the new opportunities that have developed for Internet Tech Specialists as it moves forward.
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