Hope for the Pants Size Challenged

San Francisco, CA, September 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- One size (or even many sizes) does not fit all.

Until now, shoppers were out of luck if they were tweens – in pants sizes, that is. Luvdit.com helps people of all sizes use group buying power to purchase “custom” sized pants. While mass manufacturers cover a variety of fits – tall, slim, plus, petite, and more – there are still people who fall into a size gap. For example, women’s pants are typically sized for heights between 5’4” and 5’7”, and below that is the petite range and above it, the tall range. If a shopper falls between ranges, their only option was to buy something that almost fits and either live with it or have it altered. “Now, everyone has a chance to purchase pants that fit, at an affordable price,” said Kirti Schoener, the founder of Luvdit.com. “I have always had difficulty finding pants that were long enough and not too wide. It shouldn’t be such a problem to find pants that fit, but it is,” she continued.

Luvdit.com’s first batch of “custom” sized pants are now available: women’s casual pants in size 0 long (size 0L), a size that’s nearly impossible to find in retail outlets. To vote for the next size to be made, the pants-size-challenged are invited to take the poll at Luvdit.com and get ready for pants like they’ve never fit before.
Kirti Schoener
Twitter @size0L