Meza Dental Taps Howard Siegler, Johns Hopkins M.B.A. as General Manager, Patient Relations

Sarasota, FL, September 20, 2012 --( Meza Dental, a leading Cosmetic Dental clinic in Costa Rica which serves the growing North American dental tourism market named Howard Siegler as their General Manager of Patient Relations. Siegler, a Johns Hopkins M.B.A. and veteran dental tourist and recognized expert in the field said “I was extremely impressed when I met Dr. Meza, inspected his clinic and reviewed his business processes. I have known for years that he had one of the best dental clinics Costa Rica had to offer, and I was pleased to join his team when the opportunity presented itself. As far as dental tourism goes, Meza Dental truly is a First Class operation.”

Dr. Alberto Meza is a famed-pioneer in dental tourism – in part a result of being featured in Newsweek, and on various newscasts throughout the years. He has been treating dental tourists for more than fifteen years, and 95% of his patients come from North America. Dr. Meza said “after receiving my postgraduate degree in Cosmetic Dentistry at U.C.L.A., our business really took off and has been growing ever since.”

Since his long-time colleague Dr. Marin received the same Cosmetic Dental training in California as he did, many note as a Dental Clinic, they have the best credentials in Costa Rica. And since both Doctors speak fluent English and take the time necessary to know their patients needs thoroughly, patients feel seem to feel very comfortable and relaxed at their clinic. Siegler notes, “It is obvious from the minute Meza’s patients arrive in Costa Rica that their care is being placed before company profits. The Doctors spare no expense to offer a top of the line dental tourism experience!”

U.S. patients are ecstatic that they can receive world class dental care at very affordable prices. Dr. Meza says “My clients tell me our prices are a bit higher than some other dental clinics here in Costa Rica, but they say they are glad to pay a bit more for the exceptional level of service, care and treatment we provide.” Siegler agrees, “We are not trying to be the least expensive on the block, we just want to be the best, and offer our clients the best value.”

Meza Dental is visibly focused on providing a top-class dental tourism experience. Dr. Meza says, “I didn’t become a dentist to make money. I love what I do, and I want to do the best job I can do on every single patient; and I am rewarded each and every time one of my patients smiles and shows off my work. And all the attention is nice, but honestly, the biggest benefit we get from all the press we receive is a greater level of trust from our patients. Because many of our clients have seen us in magazines and on T.V., they feel more at ease and trust us to practice our art; and that is when we are at our best. Many dentists can restore a smile, but few can make it look natural. That is what sets Dr. Marin and I apart from many of the other Cosmetic Dentists here in Costa Rica and in the United States.”

Dr. Meza said “We have always excelled on the ‘care’ side of the business. And while we have always provided excellent service, our biggest drawback has always been ‘patient relations’. The truth is our culture is very different than that of the United States and Canada, and we wanted to make sure we represent clearly our credentials and everything else we offer. When we learned that Howard had studied at Johns Hopkins University, had been a dental tourist for years, and dedicated the past year getting to know all the dental clinics which cater to dental tourists in Costa Rica, we knew he had the knowledge, experience and credentials to help us further distinguish ourselves from the pack. When we offered him a chance to join our team he agreed to put his Dental Tourism Referral Service on hold. Siegler says “We both saw working together as a perfect fit. We both desire to provide dental tourists with the best possible dental care, continuously improve patient satisfaction rates, and do our part to continue to grow the increasingly popular dental tourism market.”

About Meza Dental:
Meza Dental is a premiere Cosmetic Dental clinic located in Costa Rica. They boast several UCLA trained cosmetic dentists, have treated thousands of dental tourists and successfully placed thousand of dental implants. Dr. Meza has the highest accreditation from the America Academy of Cosmetic Dentists (AACD) in Costa Rica, and has been in practice treating dental tourists from North America for more than fifteen years.
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