BigPassage Promises to Provide Best SEO Tips on Its First Anniversary

BigPassage is celebrating its first anniversary on the web. The blog on SEO tips has grown rapidly and in just one year, it has become the king in SEO world.

New Delhi, India, September 20, 2012 --( BigPassage, a blog on SEO tips, has promised to provide the best SEO tips on its first anniversary. Founded on August 4th 2011 by Sanchit Singh, BigPassage is rapidly providing great SEO tips and grown steadily in readership and popularity across the world in just one year on the web. Started with fewer than 20 visits per day, BigPassage is now getting more than 1000 visitors per day. After a long travel of one year, BigPassage is now a reputed technology blog on internet. The main area that BigPassage covered in this one year is search engine optimization. The SEO tips that they provide is highly appreciated by their readers.

The blog has been featured on many reputed websites in last 12 months and also got first page ranking in Google for many keywords like SEO tips etc. Since its founding, the blog has been updated almost regularly. After one year in blogging, BigPassage now accepts guest bloggers as well.

In celebration of the blog's first birthday, BigPassage offered free pen drives to its five lucky subscribers. This offer was released by Sanchit Singh through a blog post. In these 12 months, Sanchit concentrated only on quality posts. According to him, the main thing that matters most for a blog is quality posts. In an interview Mr. Snachit Singh of BigPassage said "Quality and SEO are two main things that matter most for any website or blog. Just concentrated on quality and fresh content, deal with best SEO strategies and update your website frequently. These are the things that will help any one to spice up their website or blog."

The blog will continue to provide the best SEO tips to its readers in upcoming years. Sanchit hopes to take the blog to further popularity and increase the reach and appeal of BigPassage.

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