Sacramento Garage Door Repair Expert Reveals Ways to Identify, Fix Common Garage Door Problems

Sac-Town Overhead Doors says homeowners can save money by fixing these common garage door problems without the need to call professionals.

Elk Grove, CA, September 21, 2012 --( Sacramento, CA garage door repair specialist has released a guide showing simple ways to identify and fix common garage door problems.

Phillip Langbein, owner of Sac-Town Overhead Doors ( said Sacramento, CA homeowners can save a lot of money by identifying and repairing these common garage door issues without calling garage door professionals.

“Homeowners in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, Rocklin and Roseville, CA can save some money if they know how to identify these simple garage door problems and how to fix them. I am not telling homeowners to attempt to fix all garage door problems but these simple problems can easily be fixed,” he said earlier today in his Citrus Heights, CA office.

“There are garage door problems homeowners should never attempt to repair because of the danger involved. For example, anything that has to do with garage door springs should be left to the professionals because garage door springs are under pressure but minor issues can be repaired easily by the homeowner,” Langbein said.

The Citrus Heights, CA overhead door specialist identified these common problems as garage doors that fail to open or close normally, doors that emit popping sounds during operation, doors that stick, doors that open then reverses midway, and more.

For garage doors that fail to open or close normally, he said to check garage door springs.

“Check for broken springs if your garage door will not open or close. Replace any broken or frayed springs. The function of garage door springs is to push up or pull down the door as it opens or closes. The remaining springs may not be able to move the door if any of them is broken,” he said.

Langbein advised homeowners to look for broken cable or dry rollers if the garage door reverses midway during operation.

“When garage doors stick and fail to operate as usual, the metal rollers and hinges are the culprits. Add grease or lubricant to the hinges. The tracks may also be dirty. Check them for dirt and if necessary, clean them with cloth and water. Remove any clogs and check the alignment,” he advised.

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