Introducing Recycled Newspaper Art with a Touch of Japanese Taste by Bless Hue - All Colors Are from Recycled Newspapers

Seattle, WA, September 21, 2012 --( Keiko Suzuki, originally from Tokyo and currently residing in Seattle with her husband Will, delightfully spends time on creating hand-torn newspaper collage arts. Her collage arts are inspired by animals and plants, and have touch of Japanese style and warm and soft look. They can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They are now available in Giclee print at the following online marketplaces as shop name "Bless Hue."


"All of the colors you see on my arts are completely from newspapers, and shapes are created without cutting tools," says Keiko, the artist and the owner of Bless Hue. "I collect color pages of newspapers in order to have as many colors on my 'pallet' as possible. I draw shapes on chosen newspaper color pages with a watered brush in order to easily tear the shapes off, and the shapes are pasted on a water-color paper with starch glue. This method was developed by a then 76-year-old lady in Tokyo four years ago for children and physically challenging people to enjoy creating arts without cutting tools. I fell in love with the impression of the arts and earth-friendliness when I found them first time. Soon I started to self-learn with one of her tutorial books last year, and I have not been able to help myself stop creating my arts since then."

Her inspiration comes from adorable behaviors or moments of animals and beautiful flowers and trees. Her arts are great in baby's and kid's rooms, foyers, living rooms, or any rooms of your choice depending on framing.
Bless Hue
Keiko Suzuki