RFID Parking System Constructs the Better Parking Environment

Guangzhou, China, September 22, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Do not be tired of the hassle about car parks any more. DAILY RFID has newly released a multifunctional RFID system for RFID parking management to control the parking facilities efficiently within a wide range of read distances and help to solve the traditional parking control problems and allows drivers to pass unimpeded in and out of car parks. Actually, it is a good assistant to create perfect parking environment.

Owing to the high responsibility and security, this RFID system eliminates the need for parking attendants and avoids putting drivers to inconvenience. On one side, it enables automatically record the information of the vehicle access whenever a car enters and exits the controlled area. On the other side, the smart RFID parking system can divide the cars into the householder, and as the vehicle enters or leaves, the latest data can be captured in real time to optimize the parking management system. Thus, an effective means for the hands-free, long-distance, unique vehicle identification has been put to use in the parking management.

Technically, this functional RFID parking system embody UHF RFID windshield tags in both adhesive and clipping formats, a long range UHF RFID reader DL910 and necessary software. The windshield tag has a unique ID for security of the RFID vehicle access control system. Meanwhile, the RFID Reader DL910 provides long read range of up to 15m, fast reading speed and multi port interfaces. Besides, the reader and the host computer are connected by TCP/IP within the system, making this system available with both wire connection and wireless connection.

Compliant with the ISO18000-6B or ISO18000-6C (EPC Gen2) standard, this RFID parking system can be easier deployed and tracked automatically as the tagging vehicles move in or out. No personal data is stored on the chip, and its code is encrypted. Should a thief wish to steal it anyway, the device becomes unusable when removed from the windshield. Besides, as an excellent parking system, it could be useful in locations such as to find the specific parking area, to gather the parking condition, to check the parking records and so forth.

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