Directv Peru Launches DirecTV Plus DVR, the New Interactive Service That Enhances Customers’ Enjoyment of Television

Thanks to DirecTV Plus DVR, now the user is more than a passive viewer: They ultimately decide what and when to watch a TV show or movie. DirecTV Plus DVR is a state of-the-art recording device that allows users to pause and rewind live TV, as well as store favorite shows.

Lima, Peru, July 10, 2007 --( In less than a year of having started operations in Peru, DirecTV launches a new and revolutionary TV service that permits its users to control and create their own TV programming: DirecTV Plus DVR

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, a system that was launched in the US years ago but just recently in Latin America. Now, DirecTV makes this technology available to different countries in the region such as Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Peru and they are ready now for a whole new TV experience.


DirecTV Plus DVR is a digital recording system, integrated to DirecTV’s interactive programming guide, which controls live TV allowing the user to record up to two simultaneous TV shows, while watching a third one previously recorded. With DirecTV Plus DVR is very easy to record the latest episode of your favorite show and the soccer game at the same time while watching a movie.

DirecTV Plus DVR stores up to 100 hours of digital quality TV, so users can watch their favorite shows at their convenience and as many times as they want. Additionally, the DVR recognizes whether the show is part of a season and pressing the record button twice, it will record the TV show’s entire season.

With DirecTV Plus DVR, users keep a playlist of their recorded shows under “my VOD” feature allowing users to create their own video library with sports games, movies, show season, etc.

Pause live TV

One push and the user pauses live TV for up to 90 minutes, and if pushed again, it picks up right where the user left off. Now users can answer the phone, get the door without missing TV moments.

Total control of TV schedules

Users now can rewind live or recorded shows and fast forward through a show that has being paused or recorded. Users can rewind or fast forward at four different speeds. Additionally, the DVR allows viewers to jump back 6 seconds with the replay button. Customers will wonder how they ever live without the DirecTV Plus DVR.

With DirecTV Plus DVR, the viewer will still enjoy all the interactive features that already set the difference with DirecTV such as language and subtitle options, parental control, on-screen show description, audio channels, Pay Per View, and much more.

Experience in the U.S.

In the U.S., the DVR is a major success with a million North American families enjoying it. According to eMarketer, a research agency, in 2006 there were more than 17 million households in the U.S. using the DVR system, which represents approximately 16% penetration. It has been estimated that in 2010 it will reach 41 million households, close to 35% of total.

DirecTV has been the pioneer in the U.S. offering the DVR system to its customers, and now brings this technology to Peru

In Peru

DirecTV is changing the way people interacts with the TV in Peru, giving its customer the possibility to watch what they want whenever they want, without depending on the schedules set by the networks.

“We have no doubt that this technology will challenge the TV industry, and it demonstrates DirecTV’s commitment to offer its subscribers in Peru the best TV experience in the world with state-of-the-art technology. The DirecTV Plus experience is unique”, said Alexandre Dias, General Manager of DirecTV for Peru.

DirecTV Plus DVR Highlights.

Control schedules and create a playlist or video library.

Using the on-screen guide, recording may be programmed with a button, and shows may be accessed at any time.

Record up to 100 hours with digital technology.

Record a show while watching another.

Record up to two shows at the same time.

Record two shows while watching a recorded show.

Record an entire TV show season automatically.

Pause live TV.

Replay up to 6 seconds of live TV.

Rewind and fast forward at user's convenience.

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Paola Estrada