Award Winning Novel Chronicles Mary Magdalen's Relationship with Yeshua

Author, Deborah Maragopoulos FNP is pleased to announce the promotion of her award winning spiritual fiction novel, LoveDance.

Santa Barbara, CA, September 23, 2012 --( What happened to the sacred feminine perspective? Throughout history written by men, mothers whispered Her story to their beloved daughters. The sacred feminine is not lost, nor is she forgotten. She has been veiled by history. Time to unveil Her Story.

Just before the spring equinox of Hebrew year 3772, fourteen year old Mary dances down the streets of Nazareth to meet her friend, Yeshua, but quicker than she can catch her breath, she is joining him on the altar in a sacred sexual ritual to unite the feminine and masculine energies of the Divine. Thus begins the marriage of Mary, daughter of the Hasmonaean dynasty and Yeshua, heir to the throne of David. Although passionately in love, Mary finds that being the wife of the Hebrew's promised messiah more than challenging. Her husband struggles between patriarchal expectations and his own perceived true purpose, while his chosen council of advisors cannot accept an unveiled woman into their circle. But Yeshua insists on keeping his beloved wife at his side, for Mary is his most passionate disciple. Traveling through volatile Roman-occupied Palestine, the couple engages mystic skill to avert danger, but will their marriage be able to withstand Mary's ensnaring love for Yeshua's best friend? Dark and beautiful Mary tells the story of her awakening in this magically inspirational page-turner.

“A lyrical witness to the power of G-d’s love for human beings filling in the voices, emotions and colors of the times. How much more fully can the world know the Divine as Mother, Father, Son and Daughter!” Rabbi Hava Pell
LoveDance unveils Mary Magdalen as the Divine Daughter and essential partner to Yeshua the Divine Son in a love story as passionate as Gone with the Wind as intriguing as The Da Vinci Code as transformative as The Celestine
Prophesy and as enlightening as The Secret.

“This is a lovely and timely book. I feel it is important that we, as humans, endeavor to get back to the Divine Mother - Mary's story is a parable for all of us - It's time for us to get back in balance. Amazing that even 2000 plus years ago we were swayed or coerced into certain beliefs by politics and male dominated religion - Not too different from the present. This is a perfect time for LoveDance.” Kathryn Ross-Elliott, actress The Graduate
LoveDance is an intimate telling of the women's lives in the chamam, in the kitchen, in the bridal chambers. LoveDance unveils the grace and the beauty of the times as well as the passion and the sorrow. LoveDance is Her story.

Book Information:
LoveDance: Awakening the Divine Daughter
Author: Deborah Maragopoulos FNP
Publisher: American Book Publishing
ISBN: 978-1589824119
Pages: 548

About The Author:
Deborah Maragopoulos is a gifted healer with a passion for writing. After receiving her Master's degree from UCLA as a nurse practitioner, she studied neuro-immune-endocrinology, genetics, functional quantum physics, psychology-spirituality, nutritional biochemistry, and bio-energetics to establish a holistic health care practice. Realizing patients responded best to her story-telling, Deborah began her journey as a novelist in which the heroine is a wife, mother, healer, and spiritual seeker just like herself. Deborah lives with her beloved husband, children, and their menagerie of animals in Ojai, California.

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