Reasonable Software Announces Sponsorship of Email Marketing Software for Business Chambers, Non-Profit Organizations and Education Institutes - Ends the World of Spam

The enforcement of the “Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance” since 1 June 2007 in Hong Kong marks an end of direct email marketing. In view of this, Reasonable Software House launched Spread 2.1 – a permission based Email Marketing and Newsletter Management Tool that complies with the ordinance and announces its sponsorship to business chambers, non-profit and education organisation for 1 year.

Hong Kong, China, July 07, 2007 --( The features of Spread are unique in the sense that it is permission based. Users’ email sent will no longer be regarded as spam.

Elaine Tse, Business Executive of Reasonable Software House claimed that the features of Spread can be summarized into a few keywords. “Build, Edit, Deliver, Publish, Track, Forward and Grows Sales are the selling points of our product. I would say Spread can end the world of Spam and society is going to be fond of it. I guess nobody likes spam email and permission email marketing will become trend.”

Tse claimed that the reason for sponsoring Business Chambers, Non-Profit Organizations and Education Institutes was mainly to promote the use of permission email marketing. “Many people still haven’t heard of permission based email marketing. Our Director, Alan Wo believes sponsorship is a good way to promote the usage of permission email marketing. We offer one year free usage of Spread up to 10,000 subscribers for Business Chambers, Non-Profit Organizations and Education Institutes, the value is equivalent to US$708.”

Features of Spread
Build - it is good news for marketers that they can grow their own email list rather than buying from third parties. Newsletter subscription box code can be published on their web site to turn web site visitors to newsletter subscribers. Outlook contacts exported with default headers can be imported into Spread 2.1 directly. Besides users can also grow their email lists by the Publish and Forward features.

Edit - Simply choose from 50 professional ready for use templates to edit email campaign. Users can personalize the subject and message by receivers’ first name, last names, company, etc.  Auto-responder can keep users’ subscribers up to date.

Deliver - User can customize release date and time of their campaign. Whether sending it now, 3 hours later, 3 days or 30 days is upon users’ preference. Auto-responders keep customers well informed.

Publish - The function “Publish to Newsletter Archive” allows customers, visitors and subscribers to review past issues of users’ newsletters while increasing the search engine visibility by putting more content on the internet. As a result, users’ email lists can also be broadened.

Track - A Campaign Report will be sent to users on Open, Clicks and Deactivates undelivered email addresses automatically. Email address with hard bounces like “non-exist email address” will be deactivated instantly while soft bounces like “mailbox full” will be deactivated after 10 times. Detailed subscribers' information like name, company name, address, phone number and more will be shown on the campaign report.

Reasonable Spread is a web-based email marketing tool to reach customers in a time-saving and cost-effective manner. Tse continued, “We want to clarify that Spread does not require downloading and installation. Users can just simply go to website for application and get free trial.”

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