A Wanted Man by Lee Child is Now Available at Infibeam

A Wanted Man by Lee Child is about a rough-hewn man called Jack Reacher, who has an account to settle in Virginia but is picked up by three strangers and gets mixed up with a police looking out for a wanted man.

Ahmedabad, India, September 24, 2012 --(PR.com)-- A Wanted Man, yet another thriller penned by Lee Child, has that in it which turns the readers on, and is a real page turner, compelling them to thumb through it in order to learn what happens next.

It is about a man called Jack Reacher – a burly and coarse-grained fellow. He appears before the readers for the first time in quite an impressive make-up – a raw hard-hit nose patched up with duct tape. Not a favorable condition to hitch a ride in – but he has guts enough to do that. There is an urgent, unfinished business in Virginia that calls for it. It's very like him not to leave anything unfinished.

His fortune seems to favor him as he is picked up by three strangers – two men and one woman. Before too long he realizes that whatever proceeds from their mouth is nothing if not pure invention. Next, they run straight into the roadblock put up on highway by a police. Something has happened…and the bad boys are at large. Here's where the interest lies. Will this foursome company get through? If they do, is it because they are innocent? Or because the foursome unity makes for a stronger cord that is not easy for the police to break?

The mystery of Jack Richards literally revels on Lee Child's magnificently skilful writing style – that characteristic well-timed plotting and titillating suspense.


About the Author

Born in 1954 in Coventry, England, Lee Child grew up in the vicinity of Birmingham. After studying law, and serving in a theatre as a part-timer, he joined Granada Television in Manchester as a presentation director which was to occupy him for next eighteen years. When he lost his job in 1995 due to company restructuring, he made the best of it by writing the first book in the Jack Reacher series entitled Killing Floor. It proved a hit, setting him off to write the subsequent books of the series which gained both in terms of sale and success.

Apart from writing, Lee also loves to spend his time in reading, listening to music and watching the Yankees, Aston Villa or Marseilles soccer. Presently, he lives in America with his wife and daughter.
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