HF LearnSafely Firearms & Security Officer Training LLC Offering Firearms, Weapons and Safety Courses to Citizens, Security Officers and Police

HF LearnSafety Firearms & Security Officer Training Center, located at 280 Kent Road, New Milford, CT, is owned by Herb Furhman, a CT Police Academy Firearms Instructor. Permit Classes for CT, NY, Utah, advanced tactical shotgun and defensive handgun, taser, oc spray, baton and handcuffing courses and many other programs for police, unarmed and armed security guards are offered.

New Milford, CT, September 24, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Upcoming One-Day National Rifle Association Basic Pistol Safety Courses are held several times a month from HF LearnSafety Firearms Training Center at 280 Kent Road, New Milford, CT.

Dates of all classes below are on the web site: www.hflearnsafety.com

Taught by Herb Furhman, a veteran police officer and law enforcement firearms instructor in Connecticut, these one-day 8 hour programs provide the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for using or owning a handgun. The course, which highlights safety and responsible ownership, educates anyone who may come in contact with a firearm. Successful completion of this national course is a basic requirement prior to applying for a state handgun permit in Connecticut, New York and most other states. A national written examination along with a live-fire range qualification is conducted at each program. A certificate is provided to each student upon successful completion.

The State of Utah Concealed Carry Firearms Permit, enables the permit holder to carry a concealed firearm in over 30 states. These 4 hour classes are held monthly at Shooters and this class can also be held at your group or organizations location. All documentation, including the FBI fingerprint card and instructor approved application will be provided upon class completion.

Tactical Defense Encounter Shooting conducted regularly. This is a four-hour intermediate competency course for those carrying a pistol outside the home. Students will be taught to incorporate speed, tactics and accuracy into their shooting.

The NRA Personal Protection In The Home class, which focuses upon home invasions, use of reasonable and deadly force, intensive defensive encounter firearm instruction and a presentation on criminal liability, state and federal laws and castle doctrines is held 5-6 times per year.

The legal portion of the program is presented by Attorney Daniel Readyoff and Attorney Thomas Allingham, and the firearm training is presented by instructor Herb Furhman. This 8 hour NRA certificate issued course and includes 2 full hours of defense shooting drills in preparation to a violent home invasion encounter. Shotgun use will also be presented.

The Connecticut license Unarmed 'Guard Card'and Armed Security Guard Blue Card Courses for employment are offered weekly. This program is an 8 hour pre-employment and we also offer the 4 hour annual recertification course for licensed armed security guards. Attendees must be 21 y.o. and hold a CT state pistol permit.

The Connecticut Security Guard Card Course is to become a licensed security guard. This is an 8 hour course. Attendees must be 18 years old. This course is also required for armed security guards.

They also provide certified training in Handcuff Restraints, OC Spray and Police Baton for security officers and police officers.

The LEOSA HR-218 Certification For Retired Law Enforcement Officers is offered weekly.

Private hourly Classes for all levels of shooters are scheduled 7 days per week.

Gift Certificates are available for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays at any denomination and for all classes.

First-Aid/CPR/AED Red Cross certified instruction is also available upon request.

For Dates and Registration for Classes Go to the Website listed for HF LearnSafety.
HF LearnSafety Firearms & Security Officer Training Center
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